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Gia Bath & Body Works Mocha Orange Creme Polishing Bar-Review

By now, you know how much i am obsessed with Gia Bath & Body Works handmade luxury soaps. You can read about another favorite of mine from the brand here. You might have been wondering that why are these soaps so expensive…I just want to throw some light on why handmade stuff is always worth it. First of all, you spend minimum 1500 rupees every month taking care of your facial skin. These soaps are handmade with the purest ingredients and oils to take care of your body skin. It is made without any chemicals and fillers which in the long use, harm our skin.  I think spending 250 rupees a month to take care of your skin is less than cheap in my opinion. Secondly, these soaps are not made in factories with 1000s of bars made in a single go. They provide you a soap in 50 Rupees, obviously they are compromising somewhere on the ingredients and the quality. By paying 250 Rupees, you know you are paying for the right thing. I have one last question..if you had put so much efforts in something and made a luxury handmade nourishing soap all by yourself, would you sell it for 50 Rupees? In my opinion, these soaps are gorgeous and you should always take care of you body and skin with the best things!

Gia Bath & Body Works handmade soaps India

Gia Bath & Body Works Mocha Orange Creme Polishing Bar is a scrub bar with fresh dark forest coffee grounds added to it for removal of dead skin cells. It is a big bar and easily can be used for a month with regular use. It contains no chemicals and preservatives so the shelf life is limited. The ingredients include liquid silk, fresh cream, milk, cocoa butter, olive oil, cocoa powder etc. The bar has the perfect balance of scrubbing bar and moisturizing bar. The scrubbing coffee grounds remove the dead skin cells and the milk and cream and butters moisturize the skin. In fact, i don’t feel the need to apply a moisturizer after using this soaps on normal days. Winters definitely need an extra moisturizer.

Gia Bath & Body Works Mocha Orange Creme Polishing Bar review Gia Bath & Body Works Mocha Orange Creme Polishing Bar review India

One thing i think is missing is the orange in the name. I cannot smell any orange fragrance. Secretly this is making me happy because i don’t like citrus fragrances during winters and was hoping that the orange is not too strong. This is my second bar of this soap and the original formulation did not have any orange. one more awesome thing about these soaps is that they don’t keep melting like other soaps when kept in the bathroom. This makes them last longer.

Gia Bath & Body Works India

Gia Bath & Body Works

Overall, This is my second bar and the perfect polishing bar for winters. If I had to choose between this and the chocolate scrub i reviewed earlier, i would go with this because this lasts way longer than that and is easier to use.

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  1. Himanshi

    These soaps look like chocolate..luv them 😀 will definately give it a try 😀

    1. mily

      You must Himanshi! They are gorgeous!

  2. Beepsa

    Handmade soaps are so good. I would spend a lot more as they are so skin friendly.

  3. Arzoo

    Gia Bath and Body products smells divine, loved your review Mily!

    1. mily

      Thanks Arzoo..did you try any of them?

    1. mily

      Both the versions are not very different!!

  4. Lia

    Great review. The texture looks nice

    1. mily

      The scrub part is very soothing!

    1. mily

      feel like eating it na!


    I have heard a lot about these…would love to try them 🙂
    And yes …M super excited about GOSF!!!!

  6. Aditi

    Wow really feel like trying this one!!

    1. mily

      You should! they are so good for the skin!

  7. Richa Saxena

    wow… This looks so great…I would love to try this range out….The combination of orange & Mocha sounds so yummm! 🙂

  8. Lancy

    The bar looks super Yummy!! 🙂 Well reviewed.

  9. Rashmi

    I am surely gonna try this one!

    1. mily

      Tell me how you liked it!

  10. purva

    I havent tried anything from Gia bath and body but this soap seems delicious 😀 I am so excited about the GOSF 😀

    1. mily

      You should try this…this was the first product from the brand i tried!

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