We are constantly looking for fresh voices on the blog. If you think you are passionate enough, please write to us at [email protected].

The basic guidelines for writing articles are as follows:

– One article of 800 words on topics related to beauty, skincare, fashion, food, lifestyle etc. You can also do a product review. The article should be completely original without any spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes. All content shall be checked for plagiarism before publishing.

– 3-4 images of the product or related to the topic you are writing on. The images should be crisp and clear without any dark or dirty backgrounds. All images need to be of 800*800 size. If you are using google images for a general article, mentioning the image source in the end of the article is compulsory.

-Try and take focused images with the product standing vertically in front of a good background rather than laying the product horizontally. Do not use other props in the images which can distract the attention from the product.

This is the requirement. All articles need to be sent in word format by email in a zipped folder with separate images. You do not need to embed the images in the word copy.

The payment would be as follows:

1) Product reviews: 230 INR per article since you would be clicking the images and owning the product.
2) DIYs/ Top ten lists/ fashion related articles – 200 INR since you would be using images from google.
3) MAC/Bobbi Brown/ Benefit/ Sheisido/ ABH/Urban Decay etc( Luxury brands) – 250 INR per review

4) Nail polish reviews: 70 INR per review of 300 words plus 3 images (including nail swatches).

We do not take reviews of local brands which are not available online or are not known well-enough.

Please only apply if you are going to write really good quality stuff. Shabby pictures, grammatical errors and writing just for the sake of it won’t make the cut!

Needless to say, reviews for only those products shall be taken which have not been reviewed by you on any other blog before and the content is completely original and free of grammatical errors. All articles shall be checked for plagiarism before publishing them so please submit original content only. All articles and images submitted to www.pinkrimage.com shall become their property and you cannot submit the same article or images again to any other blog or website.

If you think you have got what it takes, then email us on [email protected] with a list of products you are willing to review on the blog.