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Sand for Soapaholics Haircare & Skincare – Product review

I am feeling so honoured to introduce this brands to my readers. if i have to be really honest, i did not know about this brand till a while ago. It is when i researched about this brand after the the PR sent me these products that i realised how much passion and ideas have gone into making these products.  The founder of the brand, Sangeeta worked with LUSH for over 9 years. The brand calls itself a gourmet skincare brand with facial bars, cleanser bars, hair masks, face masks, body scrubs etc made up of pure natural ingredients.

The products i have are:

1) Lal Kela Hair Mask – It comes in a yellow screw open tub packaging. The good thing about it is that it doesnt smell bad like other herbal masks. The consistency is also perfect and not runny or drippy. It is recommended for dry hair and dandruff. I apply it from roots to tips and leave it for half an hour. It is supposed to be kept refrigerated. The shelf life is very very less and it is better if you buy small quantities so that it doesn’t expire before usage. I have used this twice and all i can say is that i am sure as hell going to repurchase. It is a very hydrating mask because of the essential oils. I love how soft and clean my hair feel after usage. I have very fine hair and it gives me some volume as well.

Ingredients: Red Banana Fruit Juice (Musa paradisiaca) (42.60%), Distilled Water (22.86%), Coconut Fruit Pdr. (Cocos nucifera) (11.50%), Vegetable Glycerine (6.10%), Oil blend of Avocado (Persea americana) & Coconut Fruit (Cocos nucifera) (6.10%), Nettle Pdr. (Urtica dioica) (1.22%), Lanolin (1.22%), Soy Lecithin (1.22%), Potassium Sorbate (1.22%), Ess.Oil blend of Cinnamon Bark (Cinnamomum zeylancium), Clove Leaf (Syzygium aromaticum) & Juniperberry Fruit (Juneperus communis) (0.73%)

Price: 250 INR for 50 grams

Sand for Soapaholics lal kela hair mask Sand for Soapaholics lal kela hair mask review

2) Heavenly Dew bathing soap – This is one soap which will intrigue every single person coming to your house because of how it looks. It is an ocean blue soap with little white squares fitted inside it. It is made up of everything coconut! Tender coconut endosperm water makes up this soap. I love the nourishment it provides to my skin because of the coating of castor oil on the soap. It lathers well and smells of tender coconut which is very fresh. It doesn’t do much for the skin but i like how fresh it makes the whole bathing experience. Love it!

Ingredients: Water of Coconut Endosperm (Cocos nucifera) (20.00%), Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (5.42%), Vegetable Glycerine (5.00%), Oil blend of Coconut Endosperm (Cocos nucifera) & Castor Seed (Ricinus communis) (5.00%), Colour (0.20%)

Price : 260 INR for 100 gms.

Sand for Soapaholics Sand for Soapaholics heavenly dew soap

Overall, i am in love with this brand. The products are extremely unique and natural. They work well. Some of the issues i have is the price and the online experience. The website could use some development as the product photography is really novice. People who have used the products would be ok with ordering online but for new users, the online ordering experience can be a turn off. Also the prices are really high. I wouldn’t be paying 250 for a really tiny bar of soap however good it might be. Similarly 50 gms of hair mask for 250 INR is not something everybody would like.

Rating  : 4/5 for the products. 3/5 for the overall brand. Buy online here.


P.S. Products provided by the brand for consideration.

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  1. sindhu

    i am so intrigued by the hair mask but as you said, it is a bit costly.

  2. purva

    That soap looks great..and anything that has coconut in it drives me crazy..I want it Thanks for introducing us to the brand 😀

  3. Love that bathing bar, I heard about this brand few months ago, would love to try their bath products

  4. I have crossed this store many times and things do look fancy. Will check out something next time

  5. anubhuti

    The siap looks yummy i woyld love to use it 😀

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