You are currently viewing Forest Essentials Date & Litchi Eternal Youth Formula-Review

Forest Essentials Date & Litchi Eternal Youth Formula-Review

Forest Essentials Date and Litchi Eternal Youth Formula Cream

3600 INR










  • Makes skin radiant and supple.
  • Completely natural ingredients
  • easily absorbs in the skin
  • reduces lines and marks


  • Expensive
  • Not easily available
  • glass packaging

Forest Essentials is a brand which i love as you can here and here. time and again i have said that this brand not only makes stunning products but the packaging and the process behind the product makes them all the more special.

Forest Essentials Date & Litchi Eternal Youth Formula is winner of AsiaSpa awards and that is why i was intrigued by it. The previous night cream i was using was also from Forest Essentials.  Now that i am on the wrong side of my 20s, i needed a good anti-ageing product in my skincare regime. This formula is based on a 17th century formulation and is prepared according to the vedic shastras while chanting shlokas. It contains litchi extract, sweet kernel oil, dates extract as its main ingredients along with other ayurvedic ingredients.  

My skin is mostly normal with oily areas around the nose. I used this cream after washing my face every night and let my skin absorb this with a little massage. After 10 days of usage, my skin was a lot calmer and moisturized. After a month of usage, little spots on my cheeks had faded and a moisturized and brighter skin was revealed. I don’t have any wrinkles as of now but i think with the regular usage of this, i can safely say that it does work on the anti-ageing front too as dryness is the main cause of ageing and this provides complete moisture to the skin. I am receiving a lot of compliments these days for my skin and i think this is the reason behind it. I think this is a very good investment for those looking for some pre-bridal skincare.

Price: I bought it for 2875 INR for 50 Gms but the price has been increased to 3275 INR. Buy it online here. It is a bit expensive but completely worth it!

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  1. Anwesha

    Hmmm. Pre bridal haan?

  2. Sangeeta

    The cream looks so nourishing. Worthy investment.

  3. Anubhuti

    Looks really nice..but very expensive..

  4. Anusha

    Wow, stunning results but very expensive buy.
    Miley, need to know where I can buy Rimmel London cosmetics in Ahmadabad. Online options are always out of stock and I am very keen to buy new scandal eyes shadow sticks. Could you please let me know if you have an idea about this. Please.

    1. mily

      Hi Anusha

      No shop in Ahmedabad stocks rimmel 🙁

  5. krupa

    I have never heard of Dates and Litchi in a face cream!! Like wow!!

    Damn fascinating product.

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