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Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – Review

I love my weekend hair oil treatments and have tried many hair oils for the same. I have very thin hair and most oils lead to excessive hair fall because of the chemicals used for making them. Coconut oil is considered one of the best hair oils because it is rich in minerals and nutrients needed to get healthy hair but most commercial brands process the oil to such an extent that all the nutrients are eliminated and the oil becomes harmful for the hair. Today I am going to introduce you to a new virgin coconut oil introduced in the market. I have been using this coconut oil on dry hair for the last 20 days. Read the review of Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil which claims to be India’s best virgin coconut oil because of its pure and unadulterated formula:

[stextbox id=’custom’ color=’ffffff’ bgcolor=’c94b4b’ bgcolorto=’c94b4b’ image=’null’]About Shesha Beauty:[/stextbox]

Shesha Beauty is a brand started by Renji who is from Kerala. The brand focusses on creating pure and natural skincare and haircare products using organic ingredients. All Shesha products are free of parabens, petroleum products, silicones, and artificial fragrances.

The popular products from the brand include the Ashtapathy Dev Thali Soap, Ashapathy Dev Thali Shampoo, Olive Soap, Mud Shampoo, and the newest addition to the brand is the Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil which is garnering the attention of many people who prefer to use herbal and natural products for skin and hair. Read more about this coconut oil below.

Best coconut oil for hair treatment

[stextbox id=’custom’ color=’ffffff’ bgcolor=’c94b4b’ bgcolorto=’c94b4b’ image=’null’]About Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil:[/stextbox]

The Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is produced from fresh and pure coconut milk and is suitable for your hair and skin.  It can be used as a coconut oil on dry hair, body moisturizer, hair oil, massage oil, dandruff treatment, makeup remover, and for weight management as it is edible as well. This oil is processed without any heat which makes it better for your skin and hair as it has more nutritional value as compared to processed coconut oil.

Shesha Beauty extra virgin coconut oil review

It does not contain bleach, dyes, chemicals, adulterants, or trans fatty acids. The oil is made up of 100% raw virgin coconuts using centrifuged cold process technology which retains all the micronutrients. You can read more about this oil on the Shesha Beauty website.

[stextbox id=’custom’ color=’ffffff’ bgcolor=’c94b4b’ bgcolorto=’c94b4b’ image=’null’]My Review of Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil:[/stextbox]

I have been using this oil for the last 20 days and I have used this coconut oil on dry hair treatment around 4 times to date. It is transparent and has a beautiful raw coconut fragrance. I love taking a whiff every time I open this bottle. I have been using this oil regularly for makeup removal as I wear a waterproof eyeliner and mascara. It feels so soft and luxurious on the skin and removes makeup efficiently. I am also using it as a facial oil to hydrate my skin now that the air is drier due to the weather change.

I have dry and thin hair and use it as an overnight treatment twice a week and wash it in the morning. This oil leaves my hair hydrated and soft. It also makes the hair smell soothing. Another thing I like about this oil is that it does not break me out at all. I have combination skin with an oily T-zone and using an oil for makeup removal is not something i usually try but this left me with a pleasant experience.

Shesha Beauty extra virgin coconut oil

The price is so affordable for the quality and the fact that it is made with raw virgin coconut milk makes it all the more beneficial for dry hair and skin. This oil can also be used for oil pulling or baby massages since it does not contain any harmful ingredients. Overall, i am quite liking this coconut oil on dry hair and the Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has already replaced my all time favorite The Body Shop Rainforest coconut oil since i am getting a better quality at 1/3rd the price.

coconut oil on dry hair

[stextbox id=’custom’ color=’ffffff’ bgcolor=’c94b4b’ bgcolorto=’c94b4b’ image=’null’]Price of Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil:[/stextbox]

The price of Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is 275 INR for 200 ml which is quite affordable in my opinion for an oil of this quality.

[stextbox id=’custom’ color=’ffffff’ bgcolor=’c94b4b’ bgcolorto=’c94b4b’ image=’null’]Where to buy Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil online:[/stextbox]

You can buy the Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil on Amazon or the Shesha Beauty website.

You are using which coconut oil on dry hair and skin? Which is your favorite hair oil?

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  1. Cia Black

    I had no idea coconut oil could get any better. I also suffer from dry brittle hair and have yet to find a product to help my hair. This is for sure going to go on my list of products to try and see if it can do the trick.

  2. Lyosha

    coconut oil is so handy! I absolutely love it and try to use often. Unfortunately it’s pricy where I live.
    thanks for your review it looks very nicely written.
    have a great weekend!

  3. Carley A Clagg

    This looks like a great product! I love how transparent the ingredients list is.

  4. Joanna

    It sounds like a great product! I love coconut oil and I know how healthy it is for both body and hair. I will definitely give this oil a try, my hair definitely needs it.

  5. Ithfifi

    This sounds great! I really like that it is all natural and can be used for multiple things besides just on hair. I bet it must smell amazing!

  6. Fronie

    Love this! I’m also a huge fan of coconut oil. Have never heard of this brand though. I’ve just been using hl the unrefined in the jar but would love to have it already in oil form. And never ever thought about it as a makeup remover. Definitely going to try this.

  7. Melanie

    I love coconut products and they are ideal to keep my hair in shape and out of the frizzy zone. Not heard of this brand before, so may just have to give them a go 🙂 x

  8. stacey

    I love this product, I use coconut oil everyday in my personal hygiene and my kitchen.

  9. Nicole V

    Sounds like a great product! How does it stay liquid when the coconut oil I see in my store is solid at room temperature?

  10. Kimberly Lewis

    I’m always looking for the best coconut oil that will work for my daughter’s hair. We will have to try this!

  11. Shubhada Bhide

    Oh based on your review this Shesha Naturals Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is really useful and great. I have a friend who has a thin hair too, will tell her about this awesome product.

  12. Marie

    Love the packaging of this one! Will definitely give this a try 🙂

  13. Preet

    Coconut oil is one of my favorite oils and is indeed a multi-purpose product. Shesha Naturals is an amazing brand, I have heard great things about it, I will definitely be checking this oil from the brand.

  14. Ellie Plummer

    Coconut oil is great for so many things. I’ve never heard of this brand but may have to try it out.

  15. Sophie

    My hair is not thinning or dry, but my fiance’s is, might grab this for him. I also noticed that it is great for dry skin too, which is something that has become a problem for me in the last year, so even if he doesn’t like or use it I can benefit from it. Thanks for the review!

  16. Katie

    Coconut oil is one of my favorite ingredients. I love the smell and natural benefits. This sounds perfect for dry hair, especially in winter or during summer heat.

  17. Jack bransson

    Awesome product, i like how its 100% raw virgin coconuts using centrifuged cold process technology. Gonna recommend it for friends and family. Thank you for sharing it!

  18. Nina

    This really looks like a quality product. I love how it’s free of chemicals. I’ve heard that coconut oil can be good for hair.

  19. Acupofassamtea

    Love your review. I use coconut oil for anything and everything -cooking, skin care to hair care. It’s an instant solution for baby’s diaper rash too.

  20. Lisa

    This sounds like an amazing product to try out. I love anything coconut! A day of hair pampering sounds great to me.

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