10 Best Face Masks For Oily Skin + 3 DIY Face Masks

10 Best Face Masks For Oily Skin + 3 DIY Face Masks

While there are many face masks reviewed on the blog already, I wanted to list down the best face masks in each skin category to make it easier for the readers to search for them as per their skin type. My favorite face masks include the Face Shop Goji Berry sheet mask, Fabindia Charcoal face mask, and my all-time classic Himalaya Neem face mask. I will also be talking more about face masks for oily skin DIY which you can try if you have an oily skin.

We will start will oily skin and I will subsequently add posts on best face masks for dry skin and combination skin also. These face masks for oily skin DIY ideas are so simple and easy to follow.

One thing which you guys need to know before we get on with the list is that most face masks formulated for oily skin contain clay which absorbs excess oil and sebum to give you a clean skin.


1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask

The Body Shop is one of my favorite skincare brands and this face mask is one of the best face masks for oily skin. It contains tea tree oil which controls excess oil as well as reduces breakouts. It also works on blemishes and gives you a soft and clean skin. The mask comes in a tub packaging and the quantity lasts for about 10-15 uses if used twice a month.

Price: 995 INR

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2. Bobbi Brown Instant Detox Mask

how to get rid of oily skin naturally


This instant detox mask from Bobbi Brown is expensive but so worth the price as it rejuvenates your skin instantly and the tube packaging is so easy to use and travel with. Many celebrities love this mask and use it before appearances to make their skin look healthy and radiant.  The mask contains Hawaiin sea water and Amazonian white clay which reduce pore size, detoxify the skin and absorb excess oil from the oily regions.

Price: 4300 INR

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3. Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque

If you have a sensitive skin, this sebum clearing mask from Dermalogica is made up of oil-absorbing clays and salicylic acid which reduces acne breakouts. The formula does not contain any artificial colors or fragrances which can aggravate sensitive skin. This brand is known for its medicated products which work well for sensitive skin and this mask is no exception.

Price: 3130 INR

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4. Anatomicals Deep Cleansing Mud Mask

If you want to try an affordable mask for oily skin, this face mask from Anatomicals is one of the best drugstore face masks for oily skin and is quite affordable too. It is great for traveling when you do not want to carry a whole tub or tube of the mask for one use.  It is a deep cleansing mask which cleans the pores and is paraben free. It also controls blackheads and whiteheads to give you a healthy looking skin.  The quantity of the mask inside the pack is also good and it can be used twice or thrice. 

Price: 175 INR

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5. Avene Cleanance Mask

If you are looking for a multipurpose product, this scrub cum mask from Avene is a good option. It contains soft clay and thermal spring water along with AHA and BHA complex which exfoliate the skin and regulates the production of sebum. The mask cleans the skin thoroughly and has a soothing effect because of the thermal spring water.

Price: 1510 INR for 50 grams

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6. Juicy Chemistry Tea Tree & Charcoal Mask

With two sizes to choose from, this charcoal mask from Juicy Chemistry is made up of ground almonds, peppermint oil, and charcoal to give you a clean and healthy skin. It also offers a mild exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. All Juicy Chemistry products are made up of rich ingredients and are free of parabens, petroleum products, fragrances, and alcohol.

Price: 450 INR for 25 grams

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7. L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Mask 

A new entrant in the market, this clay mask from L’oreal Paris is made to purify the skin and give it a matte look by controlling excess oil. It contains 3 types of clays and eucalyptus oil which purifies the skin. The mask also tightens the pores and cleans them. This product is part of the multi-tasking regime developed by L’Oreal which consists of two masks.  The tub packaging is a little bulky but the mask is super smooth and leaves the skin refreshed.

Price: 850 INR for 48 Grams

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8. Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 

Homemade Face Mask for Oily Skin and Blackheads

Innisfree is one brand which makes excellent face masks and their sheet masks are hard to beat. This volcanic clay mask contains super volcanic cluster capsules and Jeju volcanic clay which cleans the skin and removes impurities. This is a great face mask if you have large pores. You can also try the mask in a capsule size before purchasing the full-size variant.

Price: 1100 INR for 100 ml

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9.  Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Oil-Control Cleansing Mask

homemade face mask for oily skin and acne

Clinique anti-blemish solutions range is targetted specifically for blemish-prone skin and oily skin. It contains natural clays which refine the skin and regulate oil production. Clinique products generally work well when used with products from the same brand but this mask works great when used on its own too. The price is a bit high but Clinique is one brand which never goes wrong when it comes to skincare.

Price: 3050 INR for 100 ml

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10. Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Multani Mitti

face masks for oily skin diy
face masks for oily skin diy

If you me ask me for my favorite brand for skincare, the answer would be either The Body Shop or Forest Essentials. I have reviewed tons of FE products on the blog and will continue to do so because i love this brand. The formula, packaging and the results make these products worth the price. Multani Mitti is something we all love and this mask contains a blend of the humble mitti with herbs like neem, Fenugreek, and Turmeric to give you a radiant glow.

Price: 925 INR for 85 Grams

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3 Best Homemade Face Mask for Oily Skin and Blackheads :

Now that we have talked about the ten best face masks for oily skin available in India, I am going to list 3 face masks for oily skin DIY which can help you get a clean and radiant skin at home. I love using natural ingredients for skincare and using a DIY face mask on weekends is my idea of pampering my skin on a weekend.


Take fresh yogurt in a bowl. Mix 1 tablespoon of gram flour/besan and a few drops of lemon juice to the mixture. Add a pinch of turmeric. Mix it well and then apply to clean skin for a radiant skin. This is one of the best DIY face masks for oily skin and is used by Indian brides before the wedding to get that bridal glow.


Oatmeal is not only a superfood for the body but is also a great ingredient for the skin. It absorbs excess oil and exfoliates the skin naturally. Apple and honey hydrate the skin and give it an AHA boost for reducing signs of premature aging. Soak some oatmeal in water and then grind it to a fine paste. Mix apple and honey in it to use it as a face mask. You can use apple juice or grate the apple for this face masks for oily skin DIY recipe. It is a great homemade face mask for oily skin and acne also.


Banana is another wonder ingredient for skincare and replenishes the hydration levels of the skin. Mash a ripe banana with some honey and lemon juice and apply it on clean skin. Let it stay for 15-20 minutes and then wash the face with plain water. Using this face mask for oily skin DIY recipe regularly will give you a clear and soft skin in no time.

So these are three of the best face masks for oily skin DIY which work equally well as the store-bought masks if you are in a hurry. You can also use tomato juice as a face toner to get rid of excess oil as tomato is one of the most common ingredients for creating DIY face masks for oily skin.

Which is your favorite face mask for your skin type?? Any face masks for oily skin DIY you love?

Image source: Google, Nykaa

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  3. This was a very informative post. I think I’ll try some of these products.

  4. I actually use a Clinique Men product that works really well. Having to be on camera sometimes means having to look decent with the HD cameras. lol

  5. Oh the Bodyshop masks are so good and I love anything with Tea Tree Oil for my oily skin but I think the Dermalogica one sounds perfect for me. I might try the homemade mask with yogurt, lemon juice and turmeric as I have all of those in the kitchen. I love a good DIY beauty product. This is a great post. Loads of info!

  6. so many great products in your list, I’m overwhelmed! I think maybe innisfree would be my personal top choice! It’s super effective and still gentle on the skin. But the clinique one is less abrasive…. I don’t know, they’re all so great !

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  13. I absolutely love the Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Oil-Control Cleansing Mask! Although it is a bit pricey for me, it leaves my face feeling really clean and fresh! it is worth every penny!

  14. I love Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask,.. It acts best with my super oily skin,..

  15. Even though I dont have an oily skin but totally love these mud mask for a refreshing and clear skin.

  16. This is a really useful post because I do have oily skin, especially around the nose. It’s nice to see Avene on the list, I know they have some really high quality products. I use a warm volcanic clay mask at the moment from Avon which is very good as well.

  17. This was a very informative post. I have oily skin and I think this would be great for me to try.

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