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L’Oreal UV Perfect Aqua Essence UV protector-Review & Swatches

L’Oreal UV perfect Aqua Essence has become my favorite sunscreen after the even complexion sunscreen from the same range. It is a water-based sunscreen which is white in colour but break down to a transparent texture when you apply it. It comes in a very convenient, travel-friendly packaging with a screw cap and a nozzle. It is not very light neither has a watery texture. The texture is similar to other light-weight lotions but one thing which is different is that as soon as you apply it, it breaks down into a really light watery colourless lotion. I take the sunscreen in my hand and apply it on my face and neck in dot manner. It gets absorbed really quickly with no trace of white cast or oil behind. It has SPF 30 along with UVA and UVB complexes which is perfect for daily use. It not only protects you from tanning but also prevents photoageing which is a serious concern for every lady. This sunscreen is a bit on the heavy side for oily skinned ladies but this can be a favorite for dry-normal skins! It leaves my skin protected, soft and oil free. The staying power is 4-5 hours on my combination skin. These days, i am loving this sunscreen for the harsh summers and i just apply a compact on top and no other makeup 😀

Overall, an amazing sunscreen for Dry-Normal skins but a bit heavy for oily skins. Lightweight and non-greasy sunscreen for the harsh summers!

Price:- 475 INR for 30 ml

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  1. pinkvanitybox

    yippee,..i have dry skin and hopefully this would suit me better.

    1. mily

      you will love this i am sure!!

  2. Krithi

    looks promising
    must try 🙂

    1. mily

      amazing for dry-normal skins!

  3. A Golden Tulip

    I use Neutrogena dry touch for my combination skin..but its becoming dry this season, maybe i will switch to this..thanks for sharing!


    1. mily

      Even i used neutrogena before i tried the L’Oreal sunscreens…..but now i cant switch back..i am in love with this!

  4. Naomi Ganzu

    Read so much about this one lately. I am currently using the lotus sun block 🙂

    1. mily

      try this Naomi 🙂 you will love it 🙂

  5. krupa

    crazy oily skin. So this is ruled out.

  6. I had a horrible experience with this. I did not find it non greasy at all and made me sweat like a pig within an hr of application 🙁

    1. mily

      ohhh..:( which sunscreen is your favorite then??

  7. Pinktrends

    i have used similar one from loreal and quite liked it , till I discovered za day cream… so now using ZA in place of this,..

  8. nausheen

    This looks promising, would love to try it 🙂

  9. Vini @dndb

    looks like you have found me an alternative to the lotus sunscreen> I usually get bored it. I need to try this!

  10. Looks like its calling for me.. 😉 .. the texture seems nice just the SPF I would have wanted more .. but for indoors it is pretty decent.. 😀

    1. mily

      SPF 30 is pretty good if u dont spend much time outdoors directly in the sun 😀

  11. Samantha

    Definitely dry skin type here, sounds worth a try.

    1. mily

      you will love it Samantha 😀

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