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Best Body Oils For your dry skin this winter!

As much as you love winters…the dry skin that comes with winters makes you reach out for your favorite moisturizers and body butters. Here are my favorite body oils for you which are best for dry skin.

1) Kama Ayurveda extra virgin organic coconut oil: Kama Ayurveda is my favorite skincare brand along with Forest Essentials and while they have many facial and body oils, winters demand something more moisturizing. Price:- 495 INR. Buy here.












2) The Body Shop Body oils– TBS is very famous for its beautifying oils. I am very fond of wild argan oil. Price:- 1795 INR. Buy here.













3) Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Skin Therpay Oil– This is not as moisturizing as other oils but smells really amazing. Price:- 890 INR. Buy here.



4) Neutrogena Body Oil :- This is also a light body oil and perfect for those who need light moisturizing. Price:- 600 INR. I couldn’t find it online.

Body Oil











5) Kiehl’s superbly restorative Argan oil: Kiehl’s is another great brand for super skincare. I am super excited to try their Midnight recovery serum. Price:- 1550 INR. Call Mumbai: (022) 6671-2837/New Delhi: (011) 4087-0067 to order kiehl’s products.

Superbly Restorative Argan Dry Oil

6) Bio-Oil:– I am sure you must have heard about this oil as being the super oil to remove marks, uneven skin tone etc effectively. Price:- 379 INR. Buy here.

7) Forest Essentials Organic Coconut Oil and Almond Oil:- They are great because they contain pure oils with cold-press technique. Price:- 1375 INR. Buy here.

So these are the best body oils for these winters. Any i missed out that you love using?

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  1. laks

    great compilation Mily. i’m planning to get Bio-oil

    1. mily

      Will review it soon laks!

  2. Beepsa

    Nice choices. If I could choose all I would. But TBS Wild Argan and Bio Oil is high on my list. Merry X-mas

    1. mily

      Merry Christmas Beepsa 😀 Even i want to try Argan oil!

  3. Himanshi

    I am using Bio Oil from past 2 months and simply in love with this one.. Cant live without it now 😀

    1. mily

      really?? i have been using it for a week and hoping that it becomes my staple!!

  4. Nice List.. I want to try that Bio Oil.. and ofcourse Kama and FE oils anytime 🙂

    1. mily

      Will review Bio-oil soon Nisha!

  5. Rashmi

    Bio oil is becoming my favorite!! I love it !!

    1. mily

      High five!! it is a five-star product!

  6. arzoo

    This post looks like as if it’s written for me, thanks for sharing it Mily, I have only tried bio oil from all these oils.

    1. mily

      How did it work on you??

  7. Lia

    I am gonna give a try to Neutogena body oil………….

  8. I have never used body oils and always stick to lotions and creams, but have used bio oil during pregnancy and it was effective, might try other oils these winters

    1. mily

      I have been using bio-oil for face since last one week and really liking it so far!

  9. Richa Saxena

    wow…Thats a great list Babe! I have recently got Neutrogena’s Body oil nd I can’t wait to try it ..>WOuld love to give FE Oil a try too 🙂

    1. mily

      Tell me how the Neutrogena Oil was..i found it a bit light for winters!!

  10. Emily

    I am having a really dry skin, Out of all these oil varieties which one would be the best to get rid of such clinching problem in winters, Yes I know it depends from skin to skin but still which would you suggest the best out of these above mentioned ones.

    1. mily

      Hi Emily..First of all welcome to Pinkrimage 🙂 If i have to..i will suggest bio-oil because it is working great for my parched skin in winters..takes care of all the dry patches!

      1. Emily

        Your welcome!
        Sure I will try Bio-Oil, Let you know very soon
        Thank you!

        1. Emily

          Hey! Bio Oil really works… The dry layer slowly got peeled off and a new smooth and nourishes layer rejuvenates.
          Thank you!

  11. Preet

    I use BIO OIL and its really a fantastic product

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