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Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in “Shell”- Review

Revlon has recently launched new makeup line with the name of “Nearly Naked Makeup” and it has a foundation and a compact. I bought this foundation to try as i ran out of my beloved everyday base “Mac Face & Body Foundation”.

For starters, there are only 3 shades launched in this foundation. Three! in this modern age and makeup ranges being launched everyday, Revlon has really taken a step backwards. I got the shade “Shell” which is the lightest. What is more disappointing is that the bottle has no pump. NO PUMP. It is just like those old foundations my mum used to have. These two things are major deal breakers for me. The foundation itself is quite okay for daily use. I take a little amount of product and apply it using my beauty blender. The finish is quite natural and true to the name of the range. It is not very “air-brushed” or flawless. Medium coverage is what i would go with to describe this. It stays for 6-7 hours on me and longer with a compact. I mix a tiny drop of liquid highlighter in the foundation to get that dewy finish.

If i have to sum up my thoughts, this foundation is great everyday base makeup but not at the price which it comes at. The bulky glass packaging with no pump costs this foundation a lot of points. Limitation in shades is also disappointing. At this price, I wont buy this again.


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  1. Tiya

    I was really happy at the beginning of the post and I thought may be i’ll get another invisible foundation but at the end got heart broken. It seems like a average foundation with highly above average price tag. Not going to purchase it at all 🙁

  2. This seems like a great option for daily wear but the price is definitely on the higher side.

  3. Astha Mbf

    We have a lot of other foundations in the market with similar quality and a lower price tag. Revlon needs to work on packaging and give us more shades.

  4. anubhuti

    Super costly for an average foundation. thanks for heads up, not going to purchase it at all 🙂

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