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D-Day Gifts for the Groom – Options + Where to Buy

How many options are there when it comes to choosing gifts for the groom?

While weddings are about the couple, people often tend to focus more on the bride. With so many gifting options to choose from for the bride, the groom always gets the most boring gifts. One great gifting option for all men is gifting them some grooming products for the big day. It can be tough to know how to deal with common issues such as acne or how to style hair. Here are my three top grooming gift ideas for brides to give the men in their lives for the big day. Help solve the small problems your dad, your partner or your brother may be struggling with.

Men’s Facial Wash

Face washes are a must have to remove all the dirt and grime accumulated on the face. Not all men use soap and water on their face, but some do. This can be especially problematic if they have oily skin and/or are prone to breakouts. You can help your male friend by gifting him a face wash with salicylic acid in it. A good example is this daily face wash. It contains salicylic acid, aloe vera and glycolic acid to help break down the buildup of sebum that causes blackheads and pimples. Your guys can look fresh faced and cute for the wedding photos.

Men’s Shaving Kit

Nothing is sexier than a clean cut beard. A beard is sexy and clean-shaven is cute, but a five o’clock shadow is neither. A shaver kit is a great fit for any man who wants to look groomed on the big day. Whether he loves to shave or he doesn’t, let him know shaving or grooming facial hair is an inevitable part of the big day and consider getting him a shaver kit. You can go basic with the Wahl Beard & Moustache Battery Trimmer or high end with a Golddachs Rosewood Gift Set.

Hair Supplements

With stress comes hair loss and supplements are a great way to get back healthy and thick hair. Hair supplements and hair loss treatments are a bit of an intimate gift so it is important to see who you are giving it to. Some men are sensitive about the fact that they’re hair is thinning, so only give this gift to someone you know will appreciate it e.g. the groom, who has expressed worry about his hair. is a great site for buying his and her hair strengthening supplements. You can gift them to the couple before the big day. If you are the bride and your man is really worried about his hair is thin, Hairmop also has 3 month hair loss treatment subscription packages. You get a consultation with an Australian certified doctor and then you can both be looking healthy and vibrant for the big day.

Those are my top three recommended grooming gifts for grooms. Share with us your ideas about which gifts are good for grooms as wedding gifts.

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