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One product you will all thank me for!

This is one product which i have repurchased countless times. I am on my 4 th Jar right now and will repurchase this till the time the company stops manufacturing it!

Freeman chocolate brown sugar scrub is the most amazing body scrubs you will ever get your hands on. It has sweet almond oil with brown sugar granules and cocoa! With its heavenly fragrance, the entire bath area turns into a luxurious spa like area. I particularly like to use this scrub when i have had a long tiring day at work and need some pampering at the end of it. The granules are not really rough and dissolve as you buff it into the skin. It gets removed easily in shower and after this, my skin is the softest and cleanest ever! And ofcourse the fragrance is to die for. Its like you have entered a chocolate factory. It stays for 3-4 hours on me after which is fades away. One tub lasts for 5 uses for me and i think that the price is pretty nice to have such a luxurious experience!

Overall, a heavenly scrub!!!


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Price:- 350 INR


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  1. laks

    WOW!! Sounds like a winner. Where can I shop this?

    1. mily

      Its definitely a winner Laks….i dont know where to get it online…i get it from a shop which stocks imported skincare! 🙁

      1. Manasi

        Can you tell me the name of the shop you bought this product from??

        1. mily

          Its a shop in Advait mall, ahmedabad 🙂

  2. Aayushi

    This looks like a great great product… After sharing this incredible product info you have let us all in the craving to lay our hands on…. 😛 … Will try to find it soon. 😀

    1. mily

      Thanks Aayushi..its an awesome product!!

    1. mily

      try it will love it!!!

  3. pari

    Hey nice product.i too want to buy it available online..

    1. mily

      Hey Pari

      Its available on some online sites when i searched last ut i cant see it right now anywehere…maybe sold out..:(

  4. Lana Ray

    Sadly freeman is OOS in India. Ive mailed them about it and they gave me details about one shop in Bandra but all products were OOS thr as well. I love their choclate and strawberry face mask!

    1. mily

      ohh….i have seen some online sites keeping freeman stuff but currently cannot recall any 🙁

  5. Anusha

    Hey, I will go to Advait mall today itself and grab on this stuff. Do they have Ben Nye’s products as well? What is the name of the shop?

    1. mily

      no i dont think so they have Ben n nye products..but they have many imported products….the name is smriti selection 🙂 beneath the old belleza !

      1. Anusha

        Thanks Love.. glad u replied so quickly!

        1. Anusha

          I went to the Navrangpura store. Dint find this freeman scrub instead i bought some st.ives goodies from them. they have this neutrogena wave cleanser as well. so bought that also. 🙂

          1. mily

            Haha..great Anusha 😀

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