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Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave Eyeshadow Palette – Review

I do not own many eyeshadow palettes. I have only and that is also from Makeup Revolution London. I have been craving for another eyeshadow palette which a diverse shade range and I love this brand for its quality and prices. So after a few days of mulling over, I bought the Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave Eyeshadow Palette which is a stunning gold palette with equally beautiful shades. You can read some reviews of the other palettes i tried on the blog which includes the MAC Burgundy Times Nine Palette and The Balm Nude Tude Palette. If you are looking for other affordable palettes, read this article about the Ten Best Affordable eyeshadow palettes available in India.

Review of Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave Eyeshadow Palette:

The palette comes in a solid gold packaging inside a cardboard box. The box says that the palette has been curated by The British Beauty Blogger. It closes securely and has a giant mirror to help you do your makeup on the go. The palette contains 30 eye shadows and a dual-ended brush for application. There are two rows on top and two rows on the bottom with the brush placed in the middle. The size of the eyeshadow pans is smaller than regular MAC refills but you still get a lot of product for the price. Some of the shades have a chalky pigmentation while some are buildable. The shimmery shades look like foiled eyeshadows and have an amazing pigmentation. I have listed down each shade below with its shade description and pigmentation to help you understand each shade better.

Shade description of the Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave Eyeshadow Palette:

  1. Glimmer – Satin light gold shade with subtle shimmer – Good pigmentation
  2. Buffer – Muted matte brown – Chalky pigmentation
  3. Peachy – Rose-gold shimmer shade – Good pigmentation – A MAC Expensive Pink Dupe
  4. Hope – Metallic greyish brown – Very good pigmentation
  5. Fortune – Shimmery gold – Very good pigmentation
  6. Skylight – Blue with gold shimmer – Good pigmentation
  7. Transformer – Matte Ink-blue – Chalky pigmentation
  8. Midnight Rainbow – Saturated metallic midnight blue with shimmer – Average pigmentation
  9. Ice Cloud – White with gold shimmer – Good pigmentation
  10. Golden Coins – Duochrome Gold glitter – Very good pigmentation
  11. Cashmere – A shimmery brown – Good pigmentation
  12. Tip Top – Muted Khaki shade – Poor pigmentation
  13. Yes Please – Shimmery Khaki gold – Good pigmentation
  14. Green Machine – Sea Green shimmer – Very good pigmentation
  15. Smoothie – Matte dark green – Poor pigmentation
  16. Caffeine Fix – Matte plain dark brown – Poor pigmentation
  17. Latte – Matte terracotta brown – Average pigmentation
  18. Pink Diamond – Shimmery ice pink with white glitter – Very good pigmentation
  19. Creme – Matte creme shade – Chalky pigmentation
  20. Drama Queen – Satin Burgundy – Average pigmentation
  21. Lonely Planet – Blue and purple satin with hints of pink shimmer – Good pigmentation
  22. Blacqua – Matte black – Very good pigmentation
  23. Soft – Matte Baby pink – Chalky pigmentation
  24. New World – White and gold shimmer – Very good pigmentation
  25. Favour – Wine with gold shimmer – Very good pigmentation
  26. Sunset Hour – Saturated rose gold with copper – Very good pigmentation
  27. Super Gold – Metallic foiled gold – Very good pigmentation
  28. Winning – Matte berry shade – Chalky pigmentation
  29. Brave – Metallic dark purple – Good pigmentation
  30. The Revolution – Chocolate brown with gold shimmer – Average pigmentation

All these shades are perfect for Indian skin tones and work beautifully as eyeshadows, crease shades, transition shades, and brow bone highlighters. You can create multiple looks with this palette and the mirror helps in doing makeup on the go. You can also keep a kajal in the brush space if you are travelling. There is very little fallout  The staying power of the shades is awesome with almost 7-8 hours of wear without primer and more if used with a primer.

Overall, this eyeshadow palette is perfect for creating both neutral and festive looks and the mix of satin, shimmer, and matte shades give you multiple options to mix and match the shades. The foiled shadows are great for special ocassions and the lighter ones are great for work makeup. I love this palette for its shade combination and staying power.

Swatches of the Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave Eyeshadow Palette :

Top row left to right:

2nd row left to right:

3rd row left to right:

Makeup revolution eyeshadow palettes

4th row left to right:

Price of the Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave Eyeshadow Palette :

Price of this palette is 1950 INR which is worth the 30 eyeshadows. Buy from this link below to get 15% off on this palette.

Where to buy Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave Eyeshadow Palette online in India:

You can buy this palette in India from Nykaa or through Instagram sellers. It is currently at a 15% discount on Nykaa

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  1. Akruti

    I noticed all the Matt shades are more or the less chalky. I m considering this one mainly for the transition and Smokey eye crease shades (purple, khakho and matte Browns). What do u think? Are the work-able?

    1. mily

      Definitely, the darker shades are perfect and have great pigmentation.

  2. Elizabeth

    I really like how you went into detail about the shades! This is a great review!


    1. Elizabeth

      also, just subscribed to your blog! Can’t wait to read more! 🙂

  3. Unwana

    thanks for the careful analysis, this will really help my girlfriend.i’ll recommend your blog to her

  4. Marie

    Normally, I would be terrified to purchase this palette because it has very bold colors. But I really need to add color to my makeup collection now, and i think this would be a great choice!

  5. Paola

    Thanks for the review! It is always a bit tricky when it comes to pick thecrifht make, there are so many choices around! Personally I love the peachy and gold colours for this season!

  6. Sydney

    These are gorgeous and not patchy at all. Must this out check out.

  7. Cia Black

    I need to find a good eyeshadow palette like this one. I usually only come across the ones with that stick to one color family. This one that you are showcasing has a nice variety.

  8. Preet

    The eyeshadow palettes look so good. I like the range of shades within these palettes. I am more inclined towards the gold and green tones, love your swatches.

  9. Courtney Blacher

    I absolutely love these shades! They looks really gorgeous! I love the glittering effect.

  10. Shubhada Bhide

    Wow! these are so gorgeous Eyeshadow Palettes. I love the colors, great review and Palettes are perfect gift idea this Christmas.

  11. corinne & kirsty

    I have seen quite a few bloggers giving in for this palette. It is rather cheap but looks amazing! The pigments look so strong!

  12. Emily Terrell

    There are so many colors to use! I am very timid with makeup so I wouldn’t know where to start on these.

  13. Flora_the_Sweaterist

    Wow, I can’t even imagine what the blue shades look like when applied! I prefer the more pastel colours of the palette, although it’s fascinating how many hues you can choose from.

  14. Helene

    This shades are so lovely !! Thanks for such a nice explanation with lots of information I really loved this !!

  15. Edith

    These shades are beautiful. I don’t usually wear eyeshadow because I have small creases, but I would love to wear them. Need to learn how to apply makeup better!

  16. Maria

    I usually don’t easily like glittery colours but these are very discrete, I love them! The nudes and the browns are for sure my favourite shades within the palette.

  17. Ellie Plummer

    I’ve always wanted to try this palette so I’m glad you wrote about it. I may have to go out and buy it now.

  18. Ana Vukosavljevic

    I love their palettes, they have an amazing range of products. This one is so beautiful. It reminds me of one from Huda Beauty.

  19. Kimberly Lewis

    what are pretty palette! there are so many different looks that you could come up wtih

  20. Taylor Smart

    i was always so sceptical of this brand because it was cheaper than most and was worried it wold be rubbish! but i was wrong! their eye shadows are so pigmented! iv actually lost count on how many of their pallets i own now!

  21. Oyinkan

    I’ve never heard of these palettes so it’s always good to know about what’s out there. It’s was kinfa weird reading this post as the words seemed jumbled on my phone. Just a heads up. ☺

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