Giveaway Update!

Yay!!! I didnt even imagine in my wildest dreams that you all would participate so enthusiastically and shower so much love for my blog. First of all, a very heartfelt thank you to all of you 😀 I am hoping you would stay around after the giveaway too since a lot of exciting things are going to be up on the blog in the days to come 😀 Ok now i want to share a few updates about the giveaway !

1) The giveaway is ending tonight at midnight and no entries will be accepted after that.

2) The winner will be declared by Monday since i have to go through so many entries and make an excel sheet and everything so please bear with me till monday 😀

3) Prizes will be couriered Max. 2 days after the winner contacts me with his/her details.

4) There will also be a surprise gift for the person with maximum entries but since there is more than one person who has completed all steps, i would be selecting that winner also through

5) Now the exciting part!

What does the second winner want as a gift? You have these options….you have to tell me in the comments below so that i know your choices!

The choices are:

– Any two products from my blog shop of your choice after the first winner has chosen his/her 2 choices!

– One Maybelline dream Matte powder in your shade

– 2 brand new colorbar brushes (angled eye defining brush or smoking eyes smudger brush)

Cool choices na… let me know what do you want from these in the comments below 😀 I will purchase the product of the winner’s choice after the winners are declared and send them over 😀

Ok so now fingers crossed huh….!


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  1. Ramya Rao

    yaay.. :).. itz really Cool Mily.. and as u said.. FINGERS CROSSED ….. if i get selected. i would pick colorbar brushes 🙂 🙂 :)… thankxxx for this amazing giveaway :)………………

    1. mily

      If you have done the maximum possible entries then sure..will buy the colorbar brushes for you if you win 😀

  2. Karishma

    hey Mily… its a great giveaway and thanks for the update! your blog is cute… will def be sticking around after the giveaway as well! :*

    1. mily

      Thanks a lot Karishma..:D

  3. Bhavani sekar

    If I win 2nd prize

    I will pick colorbar brushes

  4. shilpa bindlish

    Thnx Mily for providing details of prizes… they all sound tempting bt honestly can’t choose one as i hvn’t used any of those .. so if i gt selected as winner, i wil leave the decision on u. 🙂

    1. mily

      Aww…but isnt it better if you choose..i mean if u dont use makeup brushes and i select them for you then whats the point 😛 Lets wait for the winners and then if you win we will think about it 😀

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