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All the eyeliners I own-Swatches & Reviews

Today is again a “All i own” series with swatches and reviews of all the eyeliners that i have. The first in this series was about all the lipsticks i own which you can read here. These are all the eyeliners that i have. The next in the series would be my eyeshadows :D.

I do a series like this with all my products beacuae:

1) you get a better idea of which eyeliners you like since this is a comparison post.

2) I dont have to write a whole review on a separate product. Since i have just started the blog, I want to concentrate on newer makeup products rather than spending too much time catching up with the old ones.

3) I like doing such posts since its more fun seeing so many colours together 😀

Okay so here goes the short reviews of each of these 😀

1) Lakme shine line in Pink:- Its a budget liner. The other colours in this line like black and olive green are gorgeous but this is a different kind. You can layer it up on a black eyeliner or highlight the inner corners of your eye with this. Its a pink shimmery eyeliner which is semi-sheer. Available on the blog shop here.

2) Maybelline 36 H gel liner in Black:- Its the most awesome budget gel liner you will ever find. Many bloggers have raved about this one. Its a semi-matte black gel liner which stays on the lids for more than 12 hours. Its also great in pigmentation and quantity. Only thing is that it cant be removed easily with your regular remover and you will need a stronger one for this. I believe every girl must own this.

3) LA splash glitter liner:- I got this in my vellvette box. An okay liquid liner for everyday use. Also stays for long and is very black but i dont see the glitter until i look very closely. Nothing too good or too bad about this one.

4) Faces eyeliner in forest green:- These eyeliners the cremiest and most pigmented budget eyeliners you will ever find. This shade is BTW an exact dupe of Revlon One stroke defining eyeliner in glazed green. They are soft, pigmented and last all day long and have some stunning shades. Only thing i dont like about them is they have to be sharpened which is a total pain!

5) Revlon One stroke defining eyeliner is Glazed green:- These used to be my favorite eyeliners till i discovered its dupe. They are also very creamy and pigmented and stay very long. Available on the blog shop here.

6) Bourjois smoky eye pencil Black:– This is the easiest possible way to get a smoldering smoky eye in a minute! Its super easy. Make a line with the matte intense black pencil and smudge it with the smudger..tada!! No cons in this one…absolutely amazing! It comes in brown too if you want a subtle smoky eye for office 😛

7) Bourjois contour clubbing liner in Purple night:– A gorgeous purple glitter liner. Very beautiful colour and quality. Again is has to be sharpened which i hate. I love this one for its colour and staying power. Available on the blog shop here.







And these are the new Pocketbacs hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works..How cute are they 😀


These are the eyeliners which i have with me currently 😀

Should i do posts like this? What do you want to see next? Blushes or Eyeshadows or nail polishes?


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  1. laks

    I loved you collection dear. I want faces forest green and boirjois purple night 😀

    1. mily

      Good picks Laks..Thank you 😀

  2. Ramya Rao

    arehh vaa… great collection.. seems lik that u love green color ones (lik me)… lovely swatches ….. mily.. by d way. i wld lik to see nail polish post..,. 🙂 :)… i love nail polishes…..

    1. mily

      hehe..ok then..nail polishes would be next 😀 yes i love green eyeliners 🙂

  3. Arzoo

    You have a good collection of eyeliners, I also love eye liners and loving that purple one in the swatch 🙂

    1. mily

      Thanks Arzoo..yes that purple one is gorgoeus!

    1. mily

      Haha..what huge collection re..just 7 eyeliners…yes that seems to be everybody’s favorite!

  4. Gowthami

    Great post an beautiful collection dear! 🙂 xo

  5. Manasi

    oh my my….this looks like a nice collection! nice pictures dear 🙂

    1. mily

      Thank You Manasi 😀

  6. sahana

    Gee, so pretty all of them look.

  7. woah! u have such a lovely collection of liners! Loved Bourjois Purple Night the most! I need that in my life!

    1. mily

      It would look so pretty on you should definitely have it in your life 😛

  8. pari

    lovely collection..but i hate LA splash eyeliner..This doesn’t stay on my eyes for long and also i want to know which kajal do you use.

    1. mily

      I use gel liner only on my waterline pari…no other kajal stays for even two hours on my eyes…have treid everything from collosal to eyeconic…:(

  9. tejinder

    awesome collection..Great post…loved it

  10. Anamika

    You own quite a lot pretty colours

    1. mily

      It means a great deal to me Anamika that you took out time to come here 😀 Thank you 😀

  11. Nisha@PinkTrends

    Nice Collection Mily.You really have such nice shades esp that Purple one 🙂

    1. mily

      Thank you so much Nisha 😀

  12. Ramyani

    Totally In love with your Bath and Body works hand sanitisers, they are adorable.
    Do post about eyeshadows 🙂

    1. mily

      okies….:D will do it super soon…!

  13. pragya

    you have such a huge collection!!!!!!! 😀 :D…. I so wana try bourjois purple one!!

    1. mily

      Thanks Pragya 😀 You can buy it from my blog shop!

  14. Nisha@PinkTrends

    Found another gorgeous purple shade of eyepencil from Colorbar :). Totally Loving it

    1. mily

      Oh wow..such beautiful swatches ..loved it on you!

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