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Giveaway Winners :D


I have been going through all the entries the whole day today and its such a pleasure because the sheer amount of love you guys showed is just beautiful!

So there were total 200 entries and i used to get the winners. Both for the main giveaway and the highest entries one!

And the winners are:


For the giveaway:- Aditi THP …yippeeeeeee…..congrats girl!!!

and the highest entries winner is : Sayantini Bhattacharya 😀 yay!

Mail me within 24 hours with the products you want from the blog shop or for the highest entries, Sayantini..choose from the gifts here 😀

Heartiest congratulations to both the girls and for the others who participated…..i have even more amazing giveaways planned as and when i reach special milestones in my blogging journey including a MAC giveaway 😀

Thank you everybody for participating 😀

I will promise to give more amazing and big giveaways soon 😀



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  1. krupa

    Hey congratulations to the girls!! and mily, congrats to you for successfully getting this done. I definitely look forward for more.

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