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Giveaway Winners!!

First of all, i would like to thank all of you for showing such support and love for Pinkrimage and for showing such great response to the giveaway 😀

Now, it is time to announce the winners and now that i am on this side of blogging, i have come to know how difficult it is to choose one winner out of your is heart breaking :(. But has to be done…and i have more amazing giveaways planned so your turn will come..i promise 🙂

And the winner of my 500 fb likes giveaway is ………………………


Krupa Lakshminarayan 😀

Congrats Krupa..:D Now you are set in makeup department for a while 😛 Mail me at [email protected] within 24 hours otherwise i will have to choose another winner!

For all of you who did not win, i have something even more exciting planned in the next giveaway.stay tuned 😀



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  1. krupa

    OMG!!! You have got to be kidding me!! Thank you so much!! I’m out of town, I’m back tomo. Till email as soon as I’m back!! Mily!! Thank you!!

    1. mily

      I am not kidding darling 😀

      1. Srishty

        Wow! congrats Kay! 😀 This is awesome 😀

    1. krupa

      Thank you dear!! 🙂 My sister is also excited!!

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