You are currently viewing New Launches – Colourpop Supernova Liquid Shadows {Preview}

New Launches – Colourpop Supernova Liquid Shadows {Preview}

If you are looking for some metallic liquid eyeshadows for the festive season, Colourpop is launching new Colourpop Supernova Liquid Shadows which are being described as metallic foil eyeshadows which are super shiny and shimmery. Read on further to know more about the Colourpop Supernova Liquid Shadows shades and Colourpop Supernova Liquid Shadows swatches.

Colourpop is releasing five shades in the Supernova liquid shadows. This collection is set to launch on 2nd November 2017 as per the official Instagram account of the brand. Each of these shadows is priced at 7$ which is a great price for the quality we get from Colourpop.

Colourpop Supernova Liquid Shadows
Colourpop Supernova Liquid Shadows

Colourpop Supernova Liquid shadow shades:

The five shades include:

  1. Dragon – Copper Gold
  2. Hard to Impress –  Rusty Red
  3. Walk of Fame – Champagne Gold
  4. Firecracker – Mauve Pink Glitter
  5. Moon Lit  – Purple Shimmer

These shadows have a foiled texture and are super-duper shimmery and glittery. Colourpop says that they can be used as a base coat, top coat, and shadow.

Colourpop Supernova Liquid shadow price:

These liquid shadows are priced at 7$ each and you can buy them from the brand’s official website and Sephora.

Colourpop Supernova Liquid shadow Swatches:

Recently, #colourpopfun swatched these beautiful shadows and honestly, i loved all of them.  Check out the swatches of Colourpop Supernova Liquid shadows below:

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And here is how the Colourpop eyeshadow looks on the lids:

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The texture of these eyeshadows is a little difficult to handle but the staying power is great. The apply a little patchy but that is the problem with liquid metal eyeshadows.

So are you planning to buy one of these Colourpop Supernova Liquid Shadows? Which shade is your favorite?

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Images: Colourpop Cosmetics Instagram, #Colourpopfun Instagram page, Mimera929 Instagram page Colourpoppers Twitter handle.

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  1. kanika

    these shades are indeed sexy girl… those swatches are yours? These already are a winner…

  2. Soumita

    Ravishing Shades … these can go so well with oriental as well as oxidentals

  3. SEEMA

    Awesome liquid shadows…love them all.

  4. cynthia

    Liquid shadows like these are so much easier to work with. The colors really pop!

  5. Azia

    I love Colourpop ever since I got an Ipsy trial with one of their lip colors in it. It’s dope!

  6. Jade

    The shades look really delicious, especially the golds and coppery shades; warm colors…

  7. Adrian

    Cute colors! Thanks for making a review.

  8. Sreekar

    hmmm. They surely seem to have bottled up the stars so to speak. My wife would love this for sure!

  9. Ali Rost

    How fun are these? I’ll have to share your post with my daughter. She’s been a girl of glitter and shine as long as I can remember. No matter if it was shiny ballet shoes or shimmering mascara. ps: I love the colors for fall. x

  10. jhilmil

    Wow, your eyes look so beautiful, indeed a product everyone needs to have in their make up kit. Shall get one.

  11. Hung Tran

    Nice review of your makeup. Those colors are very fall-like.

  12. Menaka

    Lovely shades and the complete palette seems buy worthy

  13. David Elliott

    These look like some pretty intense colors. I will be showing this to my daughter and see what she thinks.

  14. Victoria

    Oh my gosh, these are so cute! My favorite is definitely walk of fame 🙂 Such a pretty color

  15. Stephanie

    The colors are so sultry and shimmery, I love them. I am going to give them a try. Thanks.

  16. Akamatra

    I am more of a lipstick and mascara kind of woman but these look amazing! I am tempted!

  17. Jennifer L

    Omg how gorgeous are these new liquid shadows! Moonlit is just such a unique color, and that vibrancy wow. I’m gonna need to see if these are still in stock.

  18. Yukti

    This looks cool liquid eyeshadows. I have always used powdered ones so will try these liquid ones.

  19. Claire

    I love the name and all the colors! They are on point. The Hard To Empress one is my fav!

  20. Sangeetha

    Stunning and beautiful shades. My wish list for colourpop is growing

  21. Dieter

    I am not so much into make-up but most say I love the colors. You caught me with the Colourpop eyeshadow – Walk of Fame , your first one you showed 🙂

  22. Barakah

    Gorgeous shades. My collection is in need of an update, so your post is timely. Thanks!

  23. tamala

    Soooooo these colors are pretty HOT!!!!!! I mean, the eye shadows????!!!! They are POPPING!

  24. Blair villanueva

    I love these newest shades! Perfect for this holidays 🙂
    Omg I need them all 🙂

  25. Kim

    I think I’ve only used one liquid shadow before but these look stunning, those colours are insane! I love the copper I’d wear that ALL the time hands down.

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