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ILUVSARAHII X COLOURPOP Ultra Matte Lip Arriba! – Review & Swatches

Colourpop Arriba is described as a warm true red color and is the part of the Colourpop X iIluvsarahii collection. It is an ultra-matte lipstick and is one of the cult shades from the brand. Colourpop liquid lipstick Arriba has been on my lust list for so long and I finally got it when I placed my first Colourpop order during their big sale. I also order a few Colourpop eyeshadow and Colourpop lippie stix in shade “Cami” which I will be reviewing in the coming few weeks. Check out the ColourPop Arriba Ultra Matte Lipstick Review below:


Before sharing the Colourpop Arriba review, I want to share some of the reviews of a few red lipsticks I have reviewed on the blog here and here which are some great red lipsticks for Indian skin tones. I do not get many chances to wear red lipsticks but this shade just took my breath away. I will be sharing my thoughts about it and some dupes if you cannot get Arriba.

Shade Description of Colourpop Arriba lipstick:

Arriba! ultra matte lip from Colourpop is a beautiful true red which is neither too cool nor too warm. It adds a lovely color and is suitable for all skin tones. If you are searching for a red lipstick for dark skin or fair skin, this red is not going to disappoint you once you try it. There are very few Colourpop red liquid lipsticks so if you can get your hands on this, you must as it is so affordable and such a stunning shade. It is definitely the best red lipstick for fair skin in my opinion.


The lipstick comes in a standard liquid lipstick packaging which is encased in a beautiful cardboard box. The applicator is thin and picks up just enough product. I find the lipstick a bit bulky but nothing too bothersome. I did drop it once but just on the bed so please be careful.

colourpop liquid lipstick arriba


The consistency of the lipstick is smooth and it dries to a very drying matte finish. It is very important to exfoliate and moisturize your lips before using the lipstick as it will highlight the fine lines and make your lips look parched otherwise. Matte lipsticks tend to be a little drying so it is always advisable to use a lip balm before applying the lipstick. It does stain the lips and fades unevenly like all matte lipsticks but the fading is not that evident. 


The pigmentation of this lipstick is something I really loved. It delivers opaque color in one swipe and stains your fingers and also your face. You have to be extremely careful while applying the lipstick as one wrong swipe can make you redo your whole makeup. I accidentally got some color on my fingers and touched my face so had to reapply my foundation since the color just spreads everywhere.

colourpop where to buy

Staying Power:

There is absolutely no fading or transferring once this Colourpop lipstick dries. If you are searching for a red lipstick that stays on, this is the best bet. It stays on for around 10-12 hours with only a slight fading. It survives small meals and drinks quite well but does become patchy if you eat a full course meal.

Colourpop Arriba Dupe:

There are some really good red matte lipsticks available in India but only a few look as good as this shade. If you are wondering where to buy colourpop, these dupes can work for you. Some very similar dupes for Colourpop matte lipstick Arriba include Colorbar Kiss Proof Stain in Palm Beach, MAC Retro matte lip color in Feels So Grand and Fashion Legacy, Smashbox liquid lipstick Bad Apple, and Fenty Beauty lipstick in Stunna are some of the best matte red lipsticks if you cannot get your hands on Arriba. Colourpop Creeper is also a similar shade.

Colourpop arriba

colourpop Arriba swatch:

Check out the Colourpop swatches below:

colourpop liquid lipstick arriba

Lip Swatches:

colourpop arriba swatches

Price of Colourpop liquid lipstick Arriba:

Colourpop liquid lipstick Arriba retails for around 6.5$ on the Colourpop website which ships worldwide. You can buy the dupes on

So this was my review of Aribba ultra matte lipstick from Colourpop. What are your views on it? Did you like the color?

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  1. kalaa shree

    really awesome

  2. Chelsea Elizabeth

    I’m yet to try colourpop. I’ve heard so much about them though. Everyone raves over their colours and longevity. Seems like a really good brand

  3. Sangeeta

    That is a stunning red. Looks super gorgeous on you.

  4. Shreya Bhattacharyya

    Such a gorgeous shade and you’re totally rocking it? I am a little intimated by red lipstick and often go for nudes but if I ever decide to buy a red lipstick this would be it! Thanks for such a lovely review?

    1. Shreya Bhattacharyya


  5. Megan B

    I love a good matte lipstick! I’ll have to give this a shot, I’ve seen Colourpop in a lot of places but have never tried it myself 🙂

  6. Erika

    Absolutely awesome! Love the shade! Never thought this shade of red could look this amazing but i guess there is some truth to the phrase “live longer, learn more”. Anyway, awesome review.

  7. Rachel Evans

    What an amazing colour! Great staying power as well – I’m not sure I could apply it well enough just to my lips though!

  8. shadlyn

    I’m in love with colourpop! I always get my lippies from there just because of their lippies are always high quality and affordable! I’d have to go buy that lipstick it’s like the perfect red.

  9. Shell

    This is such a bright and beautiful color. It looks absolutely stunning on you!

  10. Hunter

    That is a fabulous red & it looks great on you!

  11. Lyosha

    Red always looks so elegant and happy! You look like a dive in every shade! very nice swatches

  12. Emily Leary

    Wow, what a gorgeous shade! It’s great that it’s long lasting too meaning you don’t have to keep reapplying as that’s one of the things that usually puts me off wearing bold lipsticks.

  13. Preet

    The shade of the lipstick is so gorgeous, I love a good red lipstick, it just cheers me up. You look so beautiful, the shade suits you so well.

  14. Erica Ardali

    Colourpop is one of my favorite brands for lippies. I am going to have to try their other products.

  15. Monique Elise

    Colourpop lipsticks are the TRUTH! One of the best out there in my opinion.

  16. Cindy

    I love the color! Thanks for the great tips about exfoliating and using lip balm beforehand. I also like your term “lust list”.

  17. Chelsee Hood

    That matte red is probably the best matter red I’ve ever seen! I have been on a hunt for a color like that, so thank you for sharing!

  18. Indu

    You have given plenty of red lip colors to choose from. I never imagined so many hues of red. I personally use liquid lip color, will consider liquid red from this brand.

  19. Acupofassamtea

    I never tried color pop. You made my try now. Such a ravishing red.

  20. Calleigh

    I love lipstick but always go for the mute colors. I would love to try these color pop of reds, they look good on you.

  21. Shubhada Bhide

    Wow!! that is such a classy looking red lipstick. I would love to try this red shade. It looks really good.

  22. Ra'Nesha

    Beautiful color on you I normally go for a neutral or merlot color I have to wear something on my lips.

  23. Stephanie Jeannot

    Ooh that red really does pop and it looks so lush a pretty. I love red lipstick. My favorite to wear.

  24. Luci

    Wow, that is a really pretty color of red. I never can find a red like that anywhere else. I’ll have to check these out.

  25. Taslyn Russell

    I’ve just recently bought this cant wait to wear it for valentines day.

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