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L’Oreal Collection Star Red lipsticks Pure Garnet & Pure Rouge-Review & Swatches

So L’Oreal has started the year on an amazing note with launching the  “Collection Star Reds” of lipsticks in 7 shades with each shade being chosen by one of the star brand ambassadors of L’Oreal!! I picked up the best shades from the range according to me and what is better that they are from our very own Sonam Kapoor & Frieda Pinto 😀

The 7 shades are:

1) Pure Garnet by Sonam Kapoor – A stunning wine red !

2)Pure rouge by Frieda Pinto- My perfect red ever ever ever! A close dupe of Ruby woo. A cool toned blue based red.

3) Pure Scarleto by Blake Lively-A warm toned red.

4) Pure Vermeil- As the name suggests, a vermilion red.

5) Pure Amaranthe- Pink based red. Not exactly red in my opinion.

6) Pure Fire- orange based red.

7) Pure Brick by Aishwarya Rai- brown based red. 

So my two favorite shades from the range are Pure Garnet and Pure Rouge. Pure Garnet is a very dark wine red which will look stunning on Indian skin tones. It is the kind of shade which is not available so easily in indian lipsticks. Pure rouge is a gorgeous blue toned red which is a dupe for MAC Ruby woo only WAYYYY better in texture. Pure The lipsticks come in a black packaging with the signature of the celebrity who chose the shade. The texture is like the moist matte lipsticks launched a few months back and it is so smooth and velvety. The pigmentation is beyond great because you only need one swipe to get the perfect colour on your lips. The staying power for these two shades is approximately 6-7 hours with mild snacking in between but they kind of fade unevenly if you take heavier meals. The darker shades leave a strong stain so if you dont like stains..they might not be for you. I kind of like the light colour on my lips 😛 Price wise these are definitely up above the world so high but L’Oreal really nailed it this time with the shades and the textures! 

Price: 995 INR. Buy online here.

L'Oreal collection star lipsticks india

L'Oreal collection star lipsticks

L'Oreal collection star lipsticks review india

L'Oreal collection star lipsticks review

L'Oreal collection star lipsticks pure garnet & pure rouge

L'Oreal collection star lipsticks swatches

L'Oreal collection star lipsticks price india

L'Oreal collection star lipsticks swatches india

L'Oreal collection star lipsticks pure rouge and pure garnet

new launches from Loreal

L'Oreal collection star lipstick pure garnet

loreal pure garnet

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So which are your favorite shades from the range??? I heard that after the  “Pure Reds” collection, L’Oreal is launching the “pure Nudes” collection..i am more excited about that one!!!!

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  1. sindhu

    Such a beautiful bold colors 🙂 suits you perfectly 🙂 but the price 🙁

  2. These are such gorgeous dark shades.. Definitely not for the faint heart people.. 😉 .. Looks good on you… And next is nudes and if they belong to same texture and family, that would be simply great.. L’Oreal is really nailing it these days..

  3. Shalini

    Pure rouge looks gorgeous on you <3

  4. Both the shades are gorgeous.. <3 Even I am drooling over these lip sticks.. 😉 ..
    Pure rouge is winning me over.. have to rush to stores to checkout the collection 🙂

  5. Lia

    These deep red lip shades are going to overcast this season. Beautiful swatches dear 🙂

  6. Rashmi

    I have been listening to rave reviews about this collection. I have to get my hands on it.

  7. Preet

    Loreal ! My all time favorite . Both colors are looking awesome .

  8. Laarni

    Gosh! I super like your picks! I wanna have that Pure Garnet! It’s so Marsala!!!!! Can’t stop thinkin’ about it! YAY! Thank you, mily, for the swatches!

  9. gorgeousssssss….so many new lipsticks are getting launched and I’m on a makeup shopping ban 🙁

  10. Wow.. The pigmentation is awesome. I have been reading a lot about these lipsticks recently & I love some of the shades and will surely check them out..

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