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VLCC Depigmentation Serum-Review

I bought this serum because i was really impressed with the earlier serum i used from VLCC which was VLCC Snigdha skin whitening serum. I had a few dark spots developing on my cheeks and had some tan. This serum claimed to remove tan and pigmentation so i when my old serum got over, i thought of trying this. I applied a little amount after cleansing my face thoroughly and this broke me out horribly. I have a very clear and combination skin so any little breakout also stands out. The break out took ages to subside and i stopped using this completely after the first usage. I might be allergic to some ingredient but i am not taking any chances. Apart from that, it smells wonderful and gets absorbed very easily. The price is also great. Now i am using this to get tan off my hands and feet but i am not sure if this is that strong to remove stubborn body tan.










price: 399 INR

Have any of you tried this serum? Did you get different results?

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  1. nausheen

    Nicely reviewed dear, this one seems to be an okeish product 🙂

    1. mily

      i cant even say if its an okeish product Nausheen,,,,:( i didnt try it after the first use!

    1. mily

      i liked the previous serum i tried but this will make me think twice before buying VLCC skincare again!

  2. laks

    Sounds like a descent one. Nice review Mily 🙂


    It seems okay! haven’t used this before…nice detailed review 🙂

  4. Looks good.. A few days back I went to purchase this serum but came back, now I can think of giving it a try !

    1. mily

      it broke me out so i cant recommend!

  5. tejinder

    Nice detail review..sound decent product

    1. mily

      hey are you?? when is the due date??

  6. Elgivamary Jeyapaul

    I totally agree with you this product gave me terrible break out. I got this product with lots of expectations but it turned out a nightmare.

  7. Tenzin

    It seems to work properly for me. My irritant skin started getting smoother…I use it with the recommended day and night creams…I got spots.

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