Get #CleanAirBeautifulHomes With Asian Paints Royale Atmos

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When I say the word pollution, what comes to your mind? Do you think your wall paint can increase or decrease the level of pollutants in your home? Today I am going to introduce you to the the new Asian Paints Royale Atmos and will share some tips on how to keep your indoor air clean and healthy. For me, pollution meant the air I breathe when I go outside my home, which is…

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Home Fragrance Solutions Feat: Ekam Online

If there is one thing I love in winters, it is the warmth of scented candles. They create such beautiful effect with light and make my house smell warm and cozy. Ekam is a candle making company which design unique candles and other home fragrances for your home. The range is vast with fresh scents and gorgeous candles. Ekam stands for oneness and the brand believes in making exotic and rich candles representing the heritage of…

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Home Decor Stories featuring Urban!

As some of you requested for pictures of my new home, i thought to do a post on how to do your home decor in a way that it looks elegant yet breathable. Some people cram everything they own into displays of their house and it starts to look like a showroom rather than a cozy home. In home decor, less is more. I try investing in a few great pieces rather than many…

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New home decor by!

As most of you know...i got married last month!! *and now i am cheating on makeup with home decor* We just moved into the new house and it is all a mess right now. I will put up my favorite pieces or home decor pictures when the house is fully done. For now, all we are doing is washing all the laundry that has been shifted to the new place and was covered in…

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Something Quirky.Something Fun.Something India Circus!

Many of you might not know this, but I am as much into home decor as I am into makeup! And who better than India circus to come up with the most fun and quirky home decor ever! I just got my home renovated and this was the perfect coincidence that India Circus sent me few of their best products for my home. I am all for playing with textures when it comes to…

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Sale at Limeroad- My top Picks!

The sale season is nearing it's end and the best offers are out there. With such tempting discounts, it is better to Stock up on basics than to pay full price later in the year. Limeroad is having an amazing sale going on and i love it for the variety and the range it offers...So here are my top picks from Limeroad! All are at 50 % off! 1) This chic bag which transforms…

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