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MABH Fast Growth Hair oil-Review

I am sure you guys must have heard about this hair oil from Makeup & Beauty Home Brand. The lovely Lancy is a 19 year old who is brain behind this product. She was generous enough to send me a bottle of this oil to try and here is what I have to say!!

MABH fast growth hair Oil comes in a modest packaging. It comes secured in a wooden packaging and there is absolutely no leakage or damage during transit. The bottle is transparent in colour with a green cap. The oil itself is yellowish in colour. The fragrance is herbal but not as herbal as Kama Bhringadi hair oil which smells extremely ayurvedic. The texture is like normal hair oils. I can get a whiff of pure coconut oil in the formulation. Since it does not contain any preservatives, my oil became completely solid in these winters but I kept it in direct sunlight for some time and it became normal again.

If I have to tell you my hair type…it comes in the category of fine dry hair with an oily scalp. I use Kerastase shampoo and conditioners to manage my hair and absolutely love the combo. Previous to this hair oil, I was using my absolute favorite TBS Rainforest coconut hair oil. I have been using this oil for close to a month on every weekend. I keep it overnight and wash it off next day. After a month, I have seen a definite hair growth and fullness to my hair. It has added extra strength and life to my otherwise lifeless hair. On the dandruff or split ends front, this doesn’t do much but definitely keeps the hair protected from further damage. After a month, my hair is longer and healthier. This oil works on the basic strength of the hair but you want bouncy shiner hair, this alone won’t make the difference. A lot depends on the shampoo and conditioner too but this is definitely something I want to continue with since my hair is a lot softer and smoother these days.

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Overall, MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil is a very natural approach to hair care. It is free of preservatives and chemicals so it can only do good to the hair. It has made my hair longer, softer and more manageable after one month of Usage.

Disclaimer: Product provided by the brand for review. 

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  1. purva

    I wannna try this oil so bad… I will be getting this one soon 🙂

  2. Richa Saxena

    This looks like a great oil! She really has made an exclelent concotion…Lovely review Babe 🙂

  3. swati

    good to hear that the oil works well….i really need something like this in my life….thank you for the suggestion 🙂

  4. Himanshi

    This looks nice 🙂 My hair definitelty needs some care

  5. Lia

    Gosh, i want this oil now

  6. MadhuDenDiva

    this looks really nice.. i am in need for such a product. nice review 🙂

  7. Anusha

    Hi Mily,
    Been using this oil since last 6 months now. And im very happy with it. Lancy has changed the bottle packaging again.

    Ahmedabad weather is going to get hot anymore and MABH oil a boon for working women like us who do not have time to prepare such time consuming stuff at home.

    1. mily

      Seriously for Ahmedabad weather, this is a god sent product!

  8. Rakhi Singh

    Hey Mily, your review convinced me to try this oil, I’ll definitely give it a shot.

    1. mily

      You would love it Rakhi!

  9. I have read all the good reviews about this oil.. and all tempted to try this.. Kudos to lancy for this amazing formulation! 🙂

    1. mily

      She has made one amazing product!

  10. Ooh looks really nice. I don’t want any more volume, have too much on my plate already 😀 but would suggest to my friends who suffer from lack of volume

    1. mily

      More than volume, this repairs the hair from the root level 😀

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