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Tips Tuesday : Beauty Accessories Buying Guide

Are you the person who involuntarily follows a few rules when it comes to shopping for latest hair accessories & beauty accessories?

I always tend to splurge more on basic clothes like trousers, jeans, basic tops and blouses, and bags and skimp on women’s accessories because they are mostly part of a fad and I love wearing different beauty accessories every other day. Since we often tend to own so many accessories, it is also not interesting to repeat the same accessories again and again.

This is the reason why I buy accessories mostly on sale so that I can have many at the price of a few. The most common ones include hair accessories and beauty accessories because I love changing my jewelry and hairstyles. This value shopping tip keeps my finances in place while allowing me to indulge in my favorite purchases online.

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Beauty accessories are a must-have for us beauty bloggers as we create different looks and each look needs a set of matching accessories like a pair of earrings or a beautiful choker which can accentuate the look. I also like rose buns a lot and feature a lot of hair flowers on special occasions like weddings and parties.

When it comes to accessorizing, the key is to create simple and elegant looks with a few pieces that can make a statement. Most women tend to overdo with accessories and its ruins their whole look. If you are going heavy with makeup, you can go easy on the hairstyle or on the jewelry to let the makeup stand out and vice versa. The beauty accessories that I most commonly use include makeup brushes, wipes, tweezers, eyelash curlers, and vanity bags. I normally keep a basic set of beauty tools like a basic powder brush, a small pack of wipes, and a pair of tweezers in a small makeup pouch for emergencies along with a few makeup essentials like eyeliner and lipstick.

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In case of hair accessories, I am a very finicky person. I do not like the cheap looking flowers or pins with cartoons on them on grown-up women and love finding the latest hair accessories. I love using flowers but I have really short hair so use hair extensions on special occasions. Hair bands are a staple and I like using floral pins too which are a rage these days. I do use bobby pins to keep my hair in place and buy a huge pack online as most of my bobby pins get lost or are borrowed by somebody or the other so a bigger pack proves to be cheaper in the long run. A bun veni is also one of the latest hair accessories online these days.

So this is my two cents when it comes to buying and using hair and beauty accessories.  I do like to add to my makeup look using pretty accessories that complete the look and make heads turn. I usually buy all my accessories online during the sales as I get so many beautiful pieces at a great price.

Are you an accessories lover? Which are your favorite hair and beauty accessories which transform your look?

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    I too love shopping for beauty accessories. I hoard a lot of different style hair clips…

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