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Garnier #TwiceAsNice with Jayshree!!

There are days when you feel that you are good on your own. You are doing great with your life and probably thinking that your best work is done when you are working alone. And then there are days, when the going gets tough and the only thing you really want is somebody to hold on to. Life is all about these black and white days. And it is the same with our skin. It might feel super amazing on some days and totally dull and tired on others. For the latter, garnier has launched a perfect combo of Pureactive neem face wash and Pureactive Apricot face scrub. I had recently reviewed their Pureactive apricot scrub and loved it! I have been using this combo for the past 2 weeks and here is our take on it!

Jayshree from and me have got a combo set each for review and working with somebody who shares the same ideology and passion as you for blogging is always a pleasure. She is super sweet and as excited as me for reviewing these products to make our skin feel #TwiceAsNice!

Product Reviews:

Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash:

I love to change my brands for toiletries and try the latest ones. Thus, again with a new trail- Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash!

This is very mild on my oily skin. The smell is awesome that lingers for some time and also ingredients is quite good that surely won’t harm my skin. This comes in a gel form which lathers very well. The face wash easily takes off all the dust or any extract oil from my skin in just a single wash. This also leaves my skin feeling really cool and I think thus is best face wash for summer. This has also helped me clear my pimples to some extent but lightening of the acne scar is still unobserved.

Garnier Pure Active Apricot Scrub:

The scrub comes in a white and orange tube with a flip open cap. The quantity is good enough for the price. The scrub itself is white is color with orange apricot beads. I use this on weekends as an exfoliator. If i have to compare this to its original version, i have to say that this is better.It contains more beads and is creamier. The original one was very mild as compared to this. As compared to the St. Ives one, there is absolutely no difference between the two scrubs. St. Ives apricot is a cult product and is not easily available in India. This is the perfect substitute for that. It works the same way, looks and feels the same. Regular usage weekly has made my skin super clean and soft. It works great in removing the dead skin cells without being too harsh on the skin.

using both these products together has definitely resulted in my skin being #twiceasnice ! The face wash is perfect for getting rid of impurities and the scrub is a champion at removing dead skin cells!

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*Products provided by the brand for consideration. Views expressed here are honest and unbiased.

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  1. Rashmi

    The product is indeed unique!!

  2. purva

    hey mily i have this combo too and i agree..the scrub is too good..I am loving it 😀

  3. smashinbeauty

    I have not used these but would love to 😀 Sounds promising. Never thought of combining the two 😀 good idea.

  4. anubhuti

    the combo looks great though i would personally like to try scrub but might skip the facewash as it looks nothing exceptional 🙂

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