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Za True White Exfoliating Clay – Review

Has it ever happened to you that you have had a small problem in life and you forget all the good things that make up your life and concentrate on that tiny bad thing instead? Do you believe that whatever happens..happens for good? I am asking you all this because today was one of those days when i forgot about the latter and concentrated on the former? My whole day went miserably because of one tiny stupid thing and i forgot about all the amazing things that i have in my life. I sulked, cried and then realised that maybe god has something better planned for me. I probably wont even remember this stupid thing after a month or so but took me down…and how! Because i couldn’t be with my favourite i thought that i should take my mind off things and come to my favourite place.HERE!

Za True White exfoliating clay is something i received in my Envy Box and that is why i thought i should talk about it here. I normally don’t use whitening products. The packaging is stark white in colour with pink lettering. A cute travel friendly packaging with a screw cap. The product is white in colour with tiny granules. I normally use this as a super quick mask becuase the consistency is like a mask. I leave it on my face for a couple of minutes and then scrub it and wash it. I have a problem of blackheads so that is my major concern. This scrub leaves my face squeaky clean and super bright. It also takes out the tiny blackheads but the major ones need some power product(BTW a power product for black heads coming soon on the blog)!

At this price, this scrub is a great way to clean your skin thoroughly. I use this as a part of my weekend facial and till now i am not dissappointed at all! Za range of skincare is slowly but steadily making headlines for sure!

Price: 349 INR for 100 grams. Buy it here.

Za exfoliating clay review IMG_2932 Za exfoliating clay for oily skin

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  1. Rashmi

    I do wish to try this product. Will get one soon! Nice review mily!

  2. hira khan

    i heard lot about this brand, but never tried it, thanks for sharing.

  3. Lana

    I’m thinking of picking this up for tan removal! Nice review (:

  4. sindhu

    never tried anything from za but reading tempting reviews everywhere 🙂

  5. purva

    I have used 2-3 products from za and i am totally in awe by their performance..This one sounds no different..Will defitely check it out

  6. anubhuti

    I love this…it gives perfect deep cleased feeling to my skin…

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