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To Travel is to Live : My Travel Diary + Rare Facts About the World

When I was a young girl, traveling, or rather the WORLD did not mean much to me.  I was happy with my parents & friends and the small colony where we used to play. Maybe that was my world when I was little and i did not know how and why travel is important. My father, with whatever he could afford, took us to many vacations near and far and by the time I was 18, I had already taken my first international trip to Singapore & Malaysia in addition to many smaller vacations to Tripura, Badrinath, Shimla, Manali, Mussoorie, Haridwar, and Dehradun.

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When I got married, my husband and I, decided to take one small vacation every time we had a chance. We decided to go to Greece for our honeymoon and then took several short trips to Udaipur, Jaipur, and Ajmer. I will share some of the photos of our holidays but first, I want to share with you how these experiences and travels made me a better human.

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It may sound cliched but when you travel, you experience a whole world of new possibilities and meet people who are very different from you yet so much similar. On this note, I want to share an experience very close to my heart and which made me realize how the world is one big family and the more we travel, the better we become.

When we went to Greece on our honeymoon, we planned to visit Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini. It was a trip of 8 days and while the first 5 days went smoothly, on the 6th day, my husband fell sick due to the change in weather. We did not know anybody nor did we understand the language but when I went to the hotel reception to ask for a local medicine store or a doctor, the receptionist not only arranged a car for me to go to the medicine store but also did not leave my side till my husband began feeling better. In that far corner of the world, I found a person who felt like family to us. It is on that day that I realized that the language of love and kindness is understood everywhere in the world.

why travel is important

Wherever we went during our travels, one thing was common, that the world is becoming smaller and reachable day by day. We can now roam the world easily without having to worry about connectivity or transport. From Udaipur to Greece, the only constant you need is a good companion and an open-minded wanderlust urge to experience new places.

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I love visiting places which have a rich history backing them as I can experience how people in the older times used to live. This is one of my travel inspirations. For example, when I recently visited the Chittorgarh fort near Udaipur, I could actually imagine how Rani Padmavati used to live and how her fort looked before Allauddin Khilji destroyed it.

You will understand why travel is important for your personality when you visit new places and meet new people. With every new travel experience, I become a better person and empathize more with people. All over the world, kindness and respect for each other’s cultures, beliefs, religion, and tolerance for things that we might not understand are what make a society. I keep learning more about humanity and humans as and when I travel as a world traveller and keep learning why travel is important.

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Now, I am going to share some rare facts with you about the world which will make you love the world. You would definitely want to get up and book a travel plan for yourself after reading these facts.

why travel is important

Therefore, now that you know why travel is important, it is time to go #SayYesToTheWorld and travel with Lufthansa to enrich your travel experiences!

Why do you love the world? Why is travel important to you?

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  1. Sangeeta

    As a person who loves to travel and wishes she travel more this post really speaks to me.

  2. Ayana Nell

    First off, out of all the flights I’ve ever taken, Lufthansa has been my favorite!!! Second, I love this post! I love all your Twitter quotes about travel and I totally agree. I feel like with a little more travel experience, many would not be so small minded. It really is like a virus! Once the travel bug bites you, it’s hard to ignore!

  3. Nailil Ivaldi

    These are very neat facts, I wasn’t aware of a few. Also, love your travel photos!

  4. Elizabeth O

    This was a really interesting post. I enjoyed finding out about why travel is important to you and the facts about those countries at the end were fascinating!

  5. Adriana Madonna

    I totally agree with your point of view. I love to travel a lot too, meeting new people is always so exciting. It’s always great to get a new perspectiv on life you travel. Great Post 🙂

  6. kumamonjeng

    I am a frequent traveler and I can’t agree more about your article. We can’t just trust 100% of what others said or media said, we needed to go and see it ourselves. When we reached the particular place or country, then we realize there are so many false information and our perception changes towards that country. I also really enjoyed visiting places with huge culture, for example I been to the Mirror Palace/ Sheesh Mahal in India and really get fascinated and imagine how the Queen lived when the King trying to light a candle in the Mirror Palace and make the whole palace blink like thousands stars in the dark. I try to imagine how people live during that time!

  7. Ashley

    Your travels sound amazing. I have Greece on my bucket list and can’t wait to visit. Everyone should get out and experience other countries/cultures. It’s such a huge world out there!

  8. Pippa

    It’s so true that love and kindness are universal. And it’s so amazing, heartwarming and comforting when you experience things that really show you that.

  9. Emily Leary

    I think travel broadens the mind and softens the heart, it’s a amazing way to shift your perspective in a short amount of time.

  10. Preet

    What an amazing post, really enjoyed reading it. I love traveling. Travel is such an amazing experience that helps in not only learning new cultures, and people, it is also something that starts reflecting your personality, like your thinking. The facts you mentioned sound so interesting, I did not know that Hindi is the official language of Fiji, and also Eifel Tower gets painted every seven years.

  11. Tee Evans

    I agree, traveling is an eye opening experience. If we only conjure up opinions about other countries based what we see in documentaries and in movies, we’ll never get it right.

    Thanks for sharing this. Awesome post.

  12. Jackie David

    Travelling the world is such a very good experience. But I never had that chance. It’s good to read posts like this. Thanks to you.

  13. Josselyn Radillo

    I agree with you but def need to experience it on our own rather than just look at pictures or hear about it. Thats what I’m starting to doing right now

  14. Maheshwaran Jothi

    Nice summary, thanks for the summarized facts in the end. 60 tons of brown paint for the Tower? Wow! Luckily it’s not in India, else people would have qouted if that is a neccessary than to feed hungry kids 🙂

  15. Tiffany Yong

    I agree and disagree with your saying. yes, travelling definitely widen one’s horizon, but there’s so many people out there who are not able to travel due to commitments, responsibilities and financial difficulties. It will be quite sad for them if they have to succumb to ‘social norms’ and live just to travel.

    1. mily

      Hi not only means going on an expensive vacation to Italy or France or a Europe tour. It also means going to a place near you which holds something valuable or unique which you have never seen before. For example, there is a dam site 20 km away from my city which i had never seen before. I went to visit it on one weekend and saw how people displaced by that dam are living today. Made me learn something. That is travel.

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