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Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz Nail Lacquer- Review & NOTD

Purple Pizzazz is a gorgeous purple glitter nail polish from the world renowned nail polish brand Sally Hansen, this brand has tons and tons of different nail polishes in all possible textures, shades, finishes you can probably imagine. The packaging is like a normal nail polish bottle except the quantity is much more. The brush is really good as compared to all other nail polish brands and gives streak free finish. I first used this bottle without shaking and applied just one coat. To my horror, what came out was a watery purple tinge of colour which was looking so cheap on my nails. I didn’t give up and next time, applied 3 coats after shaking the bottle. The most gorgeous and stunning purple glitter colour with holographic pink glitter! The texture is at first thin and watery but becomes normal after shaking the bottle. The polish lasted on my nails for a week with minor chipping. This considering I did normal household work and not the dishes and mopping and everything. I recommend this nail polish to everybody because of its stunning shades and long wear time at this price. But if you do not have the patience to apply three coats, it will not look good. Also you have to give sufficient time between each coat for drying. Overall a nail lacquer which is stunning but requires a lot of efforts with the 3 to 4 coats and everything. If you can give a whole day to a nail polish, yes its worth it, Otherwise not.

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  1. Vini @dndb

    great review mily! After spending that much money i have to apply 3 coats :/ a big nono fr people like me!

    1. mily

      yes me too..since i just cant wait to appy the second coat and after everything, the inner coats dont dry properly and it all becomes a big mess 😛

  2. Aayushi

    Seems a fairly descent nail polish just with low pigmentation…

  3. The shade look lovely on u though the formula could have been way better.. 😛

    I have 6 of these Sally Nailpaints.. 😀 😀

    1. mily

      yeah…6??? wow..i want to see the shades u have…do a swatch post 😀

  4. Niesha

    Such a pretty color Mily!! Vibrant and gorgeous! 🙂

    1. mily

      Its definitely a gorgeous colour but the time it needs 🙁

  5. Ramya Rao

    itzz so vibranttt 🙂 loved this purple.. me still waiting for ur all-in-one nail polish Post:)

    1. mily

      oooooooohh i forgot about it..will do it asap!!!!!

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