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Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Nail Hardener- Review

I have a terrible habit since my choldhood. Biting my nails! As a result of continous biting, i have very brittle, weak and short nails. So i thought of giving Sally hansen hard as nailsΒ nail hardener a try since i was tired of the bending chipping nails. This nail hardener comes in a transparent bottle with a black cap with an applicator. The instructions to use are fairly simple. You can apply this as a base coat or alone. Β It has to be applied to the nails and the under the nail tips. The consistency is slightly thinner than nail polishes but it applies fairly easily. It takes 10 minutes to completely dry after which you can apply your regular nail colour or leave it as it is. Appearance wise, it gives a shine to the nails. I apply this every time i change my nail colours i.e twice a week. Now results time. The chipping and breaking of my nails has reduced by 80 percent. It has no effect on the growing of nails but it hardens the nails and prevents staining due to a nail polish. Overall, i am really impressed by this product since my nails have started to look healthy and strong. I strongly recommend this product to anybody who has a habit of biting nails or has weak/brittle/chipping nails.One more tastes so bad that i have kind of stopped biting my nails to a great extent.

Price:- 375 INR for 14 ml

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Sally Hansen Nail Hardener review

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  1. U bite ur nails.. Lolzzz I can imagines ur tiny nails..
    80% that’s huge baby.. It is doing a great job.. I love sally Hansen stuff.. πŸ™‚

    1. mily

      my nails are really tiny ok..and that does not help at all during nail polish reviews πŸ˜›

  2. A Golden Tulip

    My husband is nail biter too. Thank god i don’t. This seems good. Stopped cause of the taste, lol!


    1. mily

      lol…something stopped it atleast!!

  3. laks

    LOL! your nails would look like my little sisters, she too a nail biter πŸ˜€

  4. nausheen

    mu uncle is too a nail bitter, but this habit is ok for males but its not good for females to have this habit πŸ™

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