You are currently viewing Pinkrimage Perfume Diaries Part 2:- Vanitas by Varsace Perfumed Deodorant

Pinkrimage Perfume Diaries Part 2:- Vanitas by Varsace Perfumed Deodorant

This EDT holds a special place in my heart since it was gifted to me by my guy 😀 And just when i thought guys are hopeless when it comes to choosing perfumes for women, he gifted me something which became one of my favorites 😀 Varsace vanitas has the following notes:

Top note: Lime

Middle Notes: Freesia and Tiare Flower

Base Notes: Virginea Cedar and Tonka Bean

This Deodorant is clean, crisp and fresh. It does not have that overpowering floral or sweet cloying fragrance that most of the feminine perfumes have these days. The lime top note makes you feel really fresh and classy. Its a perfect perfume for spring/summer days. Its a beautiful light fragrance which is neither too sweet not too floral. The staying power is Moderate with 4-5 hours of wear on me. I would like to tell you that this fragrance is not something which you can wear to a party. It will get lost in the sea of fragrances. I like to wear it everyday when i go to work and also for summer brunches and light evening outings. If you want to just smell clean and light and fresh, this is the way to go. Its a perfect girl next door fragrance 😀

This has become my favorite summer scent and its easy on the pocket too at 2225 INR 😀 There is nothing Deodorant-y about this one as it almost behaves like EDT.

varsace vanitas 1

Varsace Vanitas 2

Varsace vanitas 3

Varsace vanitas 5

Varsace Vanitas 4


BTW one question: what do you guys do with empty perfume bottles? Because i have many and dont like to throw away such pretty bottles 🙁


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  1. Arshita

    Really? Its for 2225 only?! Never knew!! 😀 Me wantyyy now.. 😛

    1. mily

      yesh its a perfumed deodorant so i guess the EDP of this would be more expensive 😛

  2. krupa

    I’ve never bought a perfume. only been gifted one! judging by the previous comment, I suppose 2250 is not expensive for perfume.

    1. mily

      once you start using great perfumes becomes addictive…and they mostly cost around 4000-10000…..but its totally ok to not go for it each his own 😀

  3. Wow this seems like the perfect clean and fresh scent that I’ve been looking for for daily office wear. Easy on the pocket too, will def. check it out.

    1. mily

      Its definitely amazing for regular office wear!

  4. pinkvanitybox

    loved your post..i want this..yup even i like the packing so i dont throw them until my mom scolds me .lol..:)

    1. mily

      but do they have any other use? i mean apart from just keeping the bottles on the shelf?

  5. This one looks so godd.. sadly I dont have any collection.. 🙁 ..
    I have only 1 empty bottle of Paco rabbane that I gifted to hubby on his bday.. i just cant throw it away.. may be it will just lie there in my dresser.. 😉

    1. mily

      I have so many stunning perfume bottles yaar…dont like to throw them away but then they just gather just and waste space…

  6. Ramya rao

    nice post :).. its looks lovely 🙂 mily

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