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The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Lip Balm- Review & Swatches

I am a die-hard fan of some TBS products. One is the TBS rainforest coconut hair oil i reviewed here. The second is TBS white musk EDT which is my absolute favorite. Read review here. Then there are some products for which i am on the fence. They are nice but they do not justify the price they come at. One of those kinds is TBS cranberry joy lip balm.

TBS cranberry joy lip balm comes in a round dome kind off packaging with a screw open cap. The cap is transparent in colour and you can see the red dome inside. The packaging is cute and can fit into the smallest of bags. The lip balm is translucent in colour and imparts just a hint of red glow on your lips. It contains some very faint shimmers which do not come out that much on my lips but still deliver a faint shine. The fragrance is of fresh berries and it does not smell artificial in any way. As far as the moisturizing is concerned, it does moisturize my lips and keeps them hydrated, but it does not do anything a regular lip balm doesn’t do. I like my lip balms to be a little tinted so that i don’t have to carry multiple lip products with me. That is why i love my baby lips color lip balms.

This balm hydrates my lips and keeps them soft, but what i don’t like is rubbing the whole dome on my lips every time because of hygiene reasons. Somehow i don’t feel this unhygienic when i use regular tube lip balms directly. Now i use this for my night exfoliation routine. I take some quantity of this lip balm on my exfoliation brush and rub in circular motion on my lips and then wipe it off along with the dead skin. My lips become the softest and completely hydrated. When used on its own, it gives my lips a healthy feel and a slight red tint. I would have liked it if it was price at 200-250 INR.

Overall, a nice average lip balm which does not justify its price.

Price:- 400 INR


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    1. mily

      Thank you Preethi 🙂

    1. mily

      The packaging is definitely pretty!!

  1. A Golden Tulip

    I have the EOS ones, and feel the same way about rubbing the entire dome on the lips, weird right? But i love the shade of this one, so pretty! And my fav is baby lips too, for the tints 🙂


    1. mily

      definitely wierd!! Yay we have similar choices when it comes to lip balms 😀

  2. urvashi

    I love packaging and shape.. nicely reviewed 🙂

    1. mily

      Welcome to Pinkrimage Urvashi 😀 Thank you 🙂

  3. Lana

    I like this packaging but I never could get it because it would always be sold out! And I agree, its quite pricey for a lip balm

    1. mily

      yeah it is pricey 🙁

  4. krupa

    Its so cute!!1 And the mush you’ve given it the first picture.. Damn creative girl!!1 Nice review as well

    1. mily

      haha..Thanks sweetheart 🙂


    Love TBS too! havent tried this yet! But i am so loving the packaging!

  6. laks

    thats a cute packing! nice clicks mily 🙂

  7. Shifa

    woah! the lipbalm looks soo good! will definitely try this out!

    1. mily

      Thanks Shifa 😀 you are too sweet!

  8. Krithi

    I have the same lip balms in the shade valilla bliss
    i like the packaging it is easy to apply

    1. mily

      I would really love to try vanilla variant!

  9. Anubhuti

    s**y lipswatches 😛 price is a turn off and i like TBS lipbalms which come in tub packaging 🙂

    1. mily

      Thanks Anubhuti…price is really a turn off for an average lip balm!

    1. mily

      haha… is really cute in terms of packaging!!

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