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NYX Launches on Nykaa: The good, Bad & the Ugly about it!

You have been probably living under a rock to not know about this *HUGE* launch of NYX exclusively on Nykaa. NYX is a great drugstore brand abroad and makes some really amazing products. I love their matte lip creams and their cream blushes. Only said thing is that it is not available in India online. I mean a lot of websites and Instagram stores sell them but at exorbitant prices. So now that it is officially launched on Nykaa, we will get these cosmetics at great prices. Right? No. Let me just list it out for you. A lot is being done and said about this launch and i thought i will share my two cents too!

The Good:

  1. Finally we do not have to ask our relatives or friends to get us the products.
  2. Full range is launched here and not just a few products.
  3. Shipping which is normally a huge concern when ordering from international websites is now free.
  4.  Some products are almost priced the same as their international prices. Please pay attention to the word “Some”.


The Bad:

  1. The prices of many products are touching the roof and this makes the whole point of launch in India moot. We might as well order it from any other stores at lesser prices. With the eyeliner and mascaras priced at 2500 INR, i am definitely going to go for Chanel or Bobbi Brown.


The Ugly:

  1. The PRs are just messing it up. I mean i am not talking about considering me as a beauty blogger. I meant that there are really good beauty bloggers who do a great job and there is no point launching the range through fashion bloggers. They have a separate kind of readers and fans. What they could have done was include some beauty bloggers in the mix too so that readers of those blogs and the fans could have also got the coverage. This move has also kind of added to the negativity of the blogosphere which we need to reduce. It is not like all beauty bloggers are begging for products, they are just saying that if not us or anybody, what the brand could have done was include some really good bloggers from the beauty category too.

So this is what i feel about the so called “unboxing” of the recent brand launch of NYX.

You can see the brand here on Nykaa.

Picture Courtesy: Nykaa

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  1. Ankita

    I completely agree. I am not at all excited about NYX and neither is any one on my blog. They just dulled out the whole experience.

  2. krupa

    It is what it is unfortunately.. I think the pricing hurts more than what the PRs have done.

    1. mily

      The pricing is really sad!

  3. Kanu

    That’s a hats off girl. Really its been a hype of messing up with people’s thought.

    The bloggers are getting pissed off, customers are getting pissed off so that is the point of comapny to launch in here?? Just to make all things messed up??

    1. mily

      It is just adding to the negativity.

  4. Iswarya

    Exactly my thoughts.. couldnt agree more.. Glad that you expressed your honest views when many are just going gaga over the brand…

  5. Anubhuti

    I agree with the goods, bads and ugly…perfectly written post Mily..

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