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Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm- Review & Swatches

Can you survive winters without Lip balms?? If i had to choose between anything and lip balm..i would choose a lip balm! So after trying every lip balm in 2014 from FE rose lip balm to Crabtree and Evelyn Vanilla creme brulee lip butter, i came back to an oldie buy goody Nivea essential care lip balm. The same old blue packaging made me go back to days when the only saviour in winters was the good old big tub of Nivea cold cream.

So what to do when the severe winter have failed even the mightiest of lip balms like C & E lip butter, FE lip balm and Baby lips? You turn back to the cheap and effective and no frills Nivea Essential care lip balm. The lip balm comes in blue packaging with a cap and twist open big tube of the product. The product in hilariously colorless and so much that i clicked the pictures on a white background and the lip balm refuses to show up in the pictures :P. This balm is perfect for those awful chapped lips and that feeling where you reach a stage that your lips are going to fall off! The quantity is beyond amazing and you can easily pass one winter with this balm. The texture is slightly buttery and you might feel that it is a bit heavy at first but once it sinks down, you have the most moisturized lips ever!

Price:- 100 ! Can even baby lips beat that? This is the perfect no frills lip balm! If you want a bit of color, you will be disappointed but this can be a perfect night lip balm to wake up with perfect lips to put your pout makeup on!Lip balms for winter best skin care products inexpensive makeup Nivea essential care lip balm Nivea essential care lip balm review India Pout makeup pout makeup india


Are you a big Nivea believer like me?

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  1. Lia

    Nice review. I use nivea fruity shine lip bam and i totally love it………

    1. mily

      i am using the guava version of fruity shine 😀

  2. Beepsa

    My baby lips are working just fine. I haven’t had chapped lips this winter. But maybe that’s because I keep on constantly hydrating them.

    1. mily

      yes prevention is better than cure 😛

  3. Lancy

    I am yet to try this.. Well reviewed Mily!!

  4. krupa

    I am a Nivea person through and through. Besides nivea I have used only Himalaya lip balm. Nothing else..

    1. mily

      never tried himalaya 🙁

  5. laks

    i love nivea lip balms a lot and it’s my winters must have 😀

  6. Never used Nivea, earlier it was Lotus for me.. These days Maybelline Baby Lips + TBS strawberry sometimes 🙂

    1. mily

      baby lips are perfect color lip balms!

  7. sindhu

    happy to comment in your blog after so long….. never tried the good ol’ nivea…. but honey helps me a lot than any lip balm 🙂

    1. mily

      Oh i thought it would be a bit sticky!

  8. I have used this and loved it using during night and sometimes even during day time when my lips get very dry in winters, it is such an effective product

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