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Kama Ayurveda Rejuvenating and Brightening Night Cream-Review

Kama Ayurveda rejuvenating and brightening ayurvedic night cream Review

13ujvkyToday it’s the turn of my HG night cream. I have always been very particular with my night routine since our skin replenishes itself faster at night. I have been using Night creams since the last one year religiously and have separate night creams for winters and summers. In summers, my favorite is Forest Essentials jasmine and Patchouli night cream. Unfortunately I have finished the tub so no review right now but I have my winter night cream to share with you guys: D

Kama Ayurveda Night cream is described as:



I have been using this cream all of winters and can now share with you the accurate results with you all . This cream comes in a very luxurious packing albeit a bulky one. The cream itself is thick and yellow in colour and has a medicinal fragrance. It is easy to spread but takes some time to absorb completely. I thoroughly cleanse my face with my Neutrogena cleanser and apply this cream in dots on my face area and blend with a light hand. I had a few acne spots on my cheeks and a bit of uneven skin tone around my mouth and nose. I also have a lot of blemishes. Regular use of this night cream has resulted in improvement in my overall skin tone and a definite radiance in the skin. It moisturizes the skin amazingly well in the dry winter months and I wake up with really smooth and supple skin without any greasiness. While it worked on my overall skin tone and radiance, it did not do much for my blemishes.


I cannot vouch for the anti-ageing claims as I am 24 but since it moisturises so efficiently and contain powerful anti-ageing natural ingredients, it definitely helps the cause. It definitely adds radiance and brightness to my skin and keeps it supple and smooth. It hasn’t broken me out ever and though it does not work on blemishes, I completely and whole heartedly recommend this cream to everybody for its impressive list of natural ingredients and its effects on my skin. The quantity goes a long way. This jar lasted me for 5 months of continuous use which is really impressive for 1195 INR.

Rating: – 9.5/10
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