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Introducing Pinkrimage perfume diaries!

I am introducing a new series today called Pinkrimage perfume diaries where i will review various perfumes which i purchase. It will include all fragrance products like EDPs, EDTs and body mists! The first few perfumes which i will review are

1) TBS white musk EDP

2) Nina Ricci Ricci Ricci EDP

3) Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely EDP

4) Bath & Body Works Cashmere glow Body Mist

5) DKNY Pure EDP

I want to know all your favorite perfumes…do share in the comments on what you look out in a good perfume?

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  1. Srishty

    Hey Mily! Since I am not into makeup and skincare that much, was wondering how are you supposed to use a body mist? Like, just spray it on after the shower?

    1. mily

      no Srishty……a body mist is like a freshner….you can keep it in your bag and spray it without thinking about the fragrance getting too much….it just freshens up and makes you smell good….will review one amazing body mist for you 😀

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