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Inglot YSM cream foundation – Review & Swatches

Inglot is one of those brands which offers the best quality makeup at somewhat cheaper prices. While their freedom system is the most economic quality makeup out there, their foundations are really expensive. This range is specially designed for young skin which does not have the skin problems associated with ageing. It comes in some 15 shades which is a good thing because all skin tones can find their shades in this range. I have shade 41. The foundation comes in a no nonsense 30 ml packaging with a black screw open cap. Β The foundation is very lightweight and hydrating. Its light cream but nor very oily or heavy. The coverage is medium which can be built up to some extent. The consistency is very smooth and light and you do not need any brush or sponge to blend this foundation. It blends amazingly well with fingers and there is absolutely no streakiness in the application. On my combination skin, it stays well for 8-9 hours giving a very natural finish since i hate that caked up look. It would suit dry skins as well but oily skin tones might break out since this is a little creamy.

Overall an amazing foundation for dry and combination skins giving a very natural flawless coverage and easy application. It stays well and texture is also very lightweight. Only the price is a deterrent since at this price, there are a lot of good foundations. Otherwise, its great!

Price:- I bought it for 900 INR but it now costs 1100 INR.










Have you tried this foundation??


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  1. Ramya Rao

    Nicely reviewed Mily…. :).. if u Put ur FOTD means.. it ll be better for us to check out how it really turned out 2 b :)…

    1. mily

      actually i clicked a few pics ramya but they didnt turn out that well because of bad lighting..but will add the pics soon…..:D

      1. Ramya Rao

        Loved 2 see ur pics along with Reviews :)… it ll b helpful…..

    1. mily

      Do try Poonam….its great!

  2. A MUA used this on my cousin for my sister’s wedding and I loved the dewy finish. Like u rightly said this is quite good for dry to combi skin type! Great review!

    1. mily

      Thanks Lisha…yes its a greatfoundation..btw i am experiencing a problem..every comment if going under moderation…but i have done the setting where a author who has a previously approved comment can comment without moderation…still they are going into moderation πŸ™

  3. Harine

    Good review;; Will try it out for sure…

    1. mily

      Yay you too posted about Inglot…..Yes try it..its a very nice foundation!

    1. mily

      Thanks Manasi πŸ˜€

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