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Homemade Beauty cubes for summer!

I am sharing a really easy recipe today for you guys which can do wonders for your skin and can be used everyday. These beauty cubes calm your skin, remove tan, close pores and clear your skin :D. All these wonders in such an easy to use manner are called beauty cubes :D.

What i did was, i took some really ripe tomatoes which i couldn’t use for cooking, and pureed them in a blender. I sieved the mixture but you can also use it as it is. What i got was beautiful fresh Tomato juice. I mixed few drops of lemon into it and you can also add cucumber juice to the tomato juice. Then i poured this juice into ice trays and froze them. What i got were beautiful easy to use beauty cubes which i used everyday after coming back from office. Just take out one cube, rub it on your face, let the juice remain on your face for 15 minutes and wash off. The really frozen cubes closes your pores, the tomato and lemon removes your day’s tan and makes your skin clear and even. I used it everyday for a week and i can clearly see the difference in my tan and radiance.

What more can you ask for with such easy recipe and the wonders it does to the skin. So let your imagination run wild and make natural beauty cubes with tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, etc!

Try it 😀

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    Oh i love making and using these! I use whichever juicy fruit i have at home! havent tried with tomatoes yet but would love to try 🙂

    1. mily

      haha..we are such suckers for fresh beauty DIYs na…now i would try with fruits 😀

  2. laks

    this looks really easy. thanks for sharing mily

    1. mily

      My pleasure laks..try them and let me know the results 😀

  3. Vini @dndb

    This is sucha fab and a yummy idea mily!! Superp summer tip 😀

  4. Ronnie

    This is so awesome…
    thanks a ton….
    We need more weapons to fight against tan..:D

    1. mily

      that we definitely need 😀

  5. krupa

    That is just so cool!! I will try it too..

    1. mily

      yay! Try it and let me know the results 😀

  6. Richa Saxena

    I used to make these! Its a lovely DIY for summers 🙂

    1. mily

      definitely try it will love it!

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