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Every Drop Counts : #CuttingPaani Half Glass Full or Half Glass Empty?



When people say that water is the most understated natural resource, they are right as we are surrounded by water inside and outside our bodies 24*7 but a very few people respect water like it deserves or understand the importance of water. Around 1.1 Billion people in this world do not have access to clean drinking water and it is a privilege which many parts of the world are still devoid of.

Keeping this in mind, Livpure has introduced the #CuttingPaani campaign to encourage people to put unused water to good use and to avoid wastage of water. Many regions of India and the world are facing the worst droughts of thier history and it is time we make a change for the betterment of our planet.

This initiative is a great step in times when clean drinking water is getting depleted day by day and the world is looking at an acute water scarcity in the near future. It also explains the importance of water in our lives beautifully by sharing little ideas and tips which can make a huge difference when it comes to water conservation.

Livpure, through this campaign, wants to sensitize people about how they get a full glass of water to drink at home or at the office and drink only half the quantity to let the other half waste completely. Just like a Cutting Chai is popular on our streets which basically means a half cup of tea, the #CuttingPaani campaign aims to promote a healthy habit among people wherein you take only that much water which you can drink easily without leaving any water in the glass. This helps to control a lot of wastage and helps us to understand the importance of water.

Best ways in which you can use the water left in glasses or bottles after drinking:

  • Use it to water plants and promote greenery around you.
  • Provide relief to parched birds or other pets in hot summers by filling a small container and keeping it in open areas like a terrace or a balcony.
  • Use it for refreshing your skin by using a wipe saturated with the water to clean your face.
  • Use this water later by covering the glass with a coaster or putting the cap on the bottle.

Another way you can promote judicious use of water is by inculcating healthy habits in your children which will make them aware of the importance of water and will help to save this resource for our future generations. There are many ways in which you can teach your children to conserve water and avoid wastage. These small steps will go a long way in conversing this precious natural resource which is depleting day by day.

importance of water

Using every drop of water judiciously will go a long way in providing fresh and clean drinking water to all the inhabitants of the earth and will help us protect this resource for our future generations. If we do not make a change today, that day is not far when we would not get clean water to drink at all and our glasses would become completely empty.

importance of water

You can watch this beautiful video designed for this campaign which shows how we can save water in restaurants by simply asking for what we need.

How do you plan to pledge your support to the #CuttingPaani campaign by Livpure? You can sign this petition like i did to adopt this habit in your lives. 

So the next time you are thirsty, get a #CuttingPaani for yourself!

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