You are currently viewing Festive Jewellery Wishlist Ft. Caratlane Jaipur Collection and Butterfly Collection

Festive Jewellery Wishlist Ft. Caratlane Jaipur Collection and Butterfly Collection

With the wedding season upon us, it is time to ditch the old Indian wedding jewellery designs and embrace the modern cuts with a hint of the old regal charm. Caratlane is one of my favorite jewelry destinations to shop jewellery online and the new “Jaipur collection” and “Butterfly Collection” from the brand in partnership with Tanishq have taken my breath away. The collections have such elegant pieces with unique designs.

I am going to share with you some of my favorite pieces from both the collections so that you can order them just in time for the weddings and flaunt them to make all the other ladies jealous of your unique Indian wedding jewellery collection.

Caratlane “Jaipur Collection”:

This collection is inspired by the Royalty and uses the jharokha and jaal techniques of Rajasthan in the pieces to give them an elegant yet royal look. The collection has pendants, rings, and earrings set in yellow gold and diamonds. The prices start from around 10000 INR and go up to 90000 INR for the pieces from this collection.

Image result for caratlane jaipur collection

Image result for caratlane jaipur collection

caratlane Hawa Jharokha Necklace

Hawa Jharokha Necklace from the Jaipur collection

Image result for caratlane Hawa Gulabi Jharokha Ring


 Hawa Gulabi Jharokha Ring from the Jaipur collection

These pretty jhumkas are perfect for the wedding season and they are the perfect blend of class and royalty. The arch design of these earrings makes them look big and beautiful.

Caratlane Jaipur collection jhumkas

Rambagh Arch Drop Earrings from the Jaipur collection

caratlane jaipur collection ring

Rambagh Fountain Ring from the Jaipur collection

Caratlane “Butterfly Collection”:

The Butterfly collection from Caratlane salutes the beautiful fighting spirit of women and is available in three color combinations. You can choose from rings, pendants, and bracelets in this collection. I love the combinations of colors with gold and pearls. The prices start from 12000 INR and go up to 50000 INR for this collection.

buy indian wedding jewellery online

Related image

Flared Blue Butterfly Necklace from the Butterfly – The Spirit of You collection

indian wedding jewellery

Flutter Blue Butterfly Stud Earrings from the Butterfly – The Spirit of You collection

caratlane butterfly collection

Flare Blue Butterfly Ring from the Butterfly – The Spirit of You collection

Image result for caratlane butterfly collection pendant

So these are some of my favorite indian wedding jewellery pieces from the new collections introduced by Caratlane. Which ones are your favorite?

Have you tried anything from Caratlane? How was your experience?

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  1. Ithfifi

    Oh wow! While I think they are all beautiful I am LOVING the butterfly collection, the colours are absolutely gorgeous and the sorts of colours I like to accessorise with!

  2. Jagriti Roy

    I am just in love with each jewelry that you have flaunted here in this article.. Every earrings are so trendy and stylish..

  3. Cia Black

    Those set are both so exquisite. I love the drop down arc earrings and the butterfly necklace with the dangling pearl. I’m not familiar with these collections or the mastermind who created them but I’m going to have to look further into them and find a way to work them into my budget.

  4. Stephanie Jeannot

    I am have a weakness for butterflies, I really love them and jewelry with them are my thing so I would definitely wear the butterfly stud earrings. So pretty! I like the rambagh fountain ring a lot too. Such nice items here.

  5. Lifeofthefattyd

    That butterfly collection is such a beautiful piece! I love the colours!

  6. Shubhada Bhide

    Wow ! These are amazing and beautiful Jewelry. I love all of these especially that Butterfly collection, Amazing items.

  7. Flora_the_Sweaterist

    Wow, these are so delicate! I’ll have to join those before me and say that the butterfly ones are especially beautiful. The different shades of blue on the wings remind me of the boundless ocean.

  8. Preet

    What beautiful and elegant pieces in this collection. I like the I love the drop down arc earrings and the butterfly necklace with the dangling pearl, love the details.

  9. Ana Vukosavljevic

    Wooow! These pieces are so beautiful! Jaipur is my favorite collection, definitely. I would love to wear these pink earrings, such a statement piece!

  10. Cherie

    Such a beautiful collection. Very detailed and would make a great gift for someone special.

  11. Ellie Plummer

    I am really not very adventurous with my jewellery but these items are so gorgeous!

  12. Lisa

    These look so pretty. I love them.

  13. Azia

    I work at a jewelry store so I love seeing different designers!

  14. Jack bransson

    These looks so pretty, i like the Butterflies, i gave them my friend as gift and she loved it!

  15. Thena Franssen

    Love this beautiful jewelry collection. The colors and designs are great!

  16. Marie

    OMG I love them all! They look so beautiful, they would make any outfit more elegant instantly!

  17. kanika

    what a beautiful collection… I am going to buy some stuff from here…

  18. Adrian Lim Duarte

    These look divine! A perfect fit for people who loves jewelries

  19. Tiffany Yong

    The butterfly series is gorgeous. I like the necklace and the little pendant where the butterfly is within the ring. That’s something I will love to wear all the time!

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