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5 Easy Ways To Get Your Glow Back – Glowing Skin Hacks

We can’t all be blessed with naturally glowing skin, and if you regularly overwork yourself, take your work home with you and find difficulty enjoying a good sleep, then your skin might need a little helping hand to look as invigorated as you’d like. We have compiled a list of five super easy glowing skin hacks to help your skin gets its mojo back if you are wondering how to get glowing skin!

If this is the case for you, then you’re in luck because below are some useful, easy glowing skin hacks you can use to get the glowing skin you desire.

Use exercise for glowing skin:

We obviously choose to exercise to feel good and stay in shape. Physical activity helps our bodies to look good, but this can extend to our skin as well.

Dermatologists have long since advocated the effectiveness of exercise to give us glowing skin. While you might be thinking that this isn’t something that you can do overnight, it’s while you’re sleeping that your body repairs and recovers, so if you exercise during the day, it will help you to have that rejuvenated complexion in the morning!

Don’t fret about how much exercise you do, or how intense it is. Just aim to cover off half an hour a day, preferably with enough exertion to work up a sweat. It will help to clear the pores, and send the blood flowing which enables improvements in circulation.

Remember to stay hydrated:

Moving nicely on from our point about staying active, keeping your body hydrated will help your skin no end! It’s such a simple thing to do, but when we’re tired or busy, we often forget to drink water in the evening.

The trick is to not drink too much too close to your bedtime or your sleep will be disturbed by intermittent trips to the loo! So, once you’ve settled in comfortably in bed,  there is a host of beneficial beverages you can opt to keep your skin glowing.

While they might not be specifically advantageous for the skin, they carry other benefits that have a knock-on effect that will help you achieve your skin goals.

Try the following:

  • Milk – contains tryptophan, a sleep-inducing amino acid.
  • Water – keeps your hormones, energy levels and muscles balanced while you sleep.
  • Cherry juice – increases melatonin levels, improves sleep.
  • Camomile tea – contains chrysin which relaxes muscles and relieves anxiety.

A glass or two while in bed, but at least an hour before you sleep with one of these drinks mentioned above will you glow come to the fore!

Memo to moisturize:

Moisturising your face once you have cleaned up of an evening is also an important tip to take on board.

When you wash your face, the essential oils that exist in the skin are washed away. Therefore, when you moisturize, you are taking an effective step to replenish the oils that were removed.

Ensure that you opt for a moisturizer that’s water-based and specific for your skin type.

If you are enduring ‘one of those days’ and you feel like your skin is extra tight or dry, don’t be afraid to take advantage of a deep moisturizer this will help get your skin back to its best in no time.

Is it time to change your pillowcases?

Glowing Skin Hacks

When you rest your head on synthetic and even cotton pillowcases, there’s every chance that your skin will go through hours of pulls and tugs depending on the position you sleep in and how much you wriggle around during your sleep.

You don’t want your skin to suffer from what happens as a result of being pulled, stretched, and squeezed while you sleep. To get over this potential issue, one of the best glowing skin hacks is to switch out your existing pillowcases for some fresh silk pillowcases instead.

The beauty of silk pillowcases means your skin won’t be pulled around and will instead slide on the pillow as you move in your sleep.

Create a blissful sleep environment:

If you want to look good in the mornings you need to sleep well, right? To make sure that you get the best possible chance of a good night’s sleep, you will need to create the optimum environment for high-quality sleep.

How do you do this? Well, there are a few things you can do to turn a regular bedroom into a sleep-inducing haven.

Have some lavender scent in the room, play some sleep-based meditation music, but keep artificial screen light hidden. For example, if you’re playing the music on your phone, turn it face down so any notification etc., do not disturb your zen. You can also try some breathing exercises that will send you into sound slumber and assist in glowing skin come the morning. 

Give these simple glowing skin hacks a try and see what a difference it makes to your skin, and hopefully, you’ll be fresh-faced and glowing in no time at all!

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