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Book Review: Perfect Love – 5.5 Ways to a Lasting Relationship By Shubha Vilas

Shubha Vilas is at it again. After the intriguing and spiritually uplifting books on Ramayana, he has come up with a book on love and relationships with five and a half stories from the scriptures. Perfect Love by Shubha Vilas is the latest book by the spiritual guru who takes inspirations from the scriptures and mythology to explain real-world concepts to people. The cover page of the book looks like this:

Perfect love by shubha vilas Perfect love by shubha vilas

The book “Perfect Love by Shubha Vilas” has one goal – to teach us how to sustain relationships based out of love. The book covers six love stories of Krishna & Rukmini, Shakuntala & Dushyanta, Nala & Damayanti, Satyavan & Savitri, Udayana & Vasavadutta, and Draupadi and the five Pandavas. if there are six stories, why does the book says 5.5? I got this answer at the back of the book which says that the sixth story can be interpreted either way and is only the half truth.

When I read Perfect love by Shubha Vilas, I found these stories to be very profound and taught me things that are hard to find in modern relationships. The mutual love and respect two people have for each other in a relationship are hard to find these days and I learned that the relationships covered in the book teach us many techniques that can be used in our relationships as well. Apart from this, Shubha personally guides the reader through each story and offers insights and tips that can be implemented in real life easily to make our relationships more meaningful and loving.

Perfect love by Shubha Vilas is written in a simple language and is quite easy to understand. It does not preach like some other books but actually takes the reader into a different world of scriptures and ancient romances. Full of adventure and romance, the stories offer something new which you might not have read before. I loved the book since I am a huge fan of scripture-based and self-help books also. Looking forward to more releases from Shubha Vilas.

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