You are currently viewing Six Degrees Game of Blogs by Blogadda- Book Review

Six Degrees Game of Blogs by Blogadda- Book Review

Six Degrees-Game of Blogs

349 INR










  • Great book to read if you like fiction.
  • Easy availability
  • inexpensive


  • Better cover page would have made the book more appealing.

When i heard about this book, i was so intrigued by the idea behind it because it is written by common people like you and me and the best 3 entries found their way in this awesome book published by blogadda as a part of their #celebrateblogging initiative. More than 300 bloggers participated in the contest and at the end a panel of writers selected stories for this book.


Each team was provided descriptions about 5 characters around which they had to write a fictional story. Best 3 entries qualified for the publication which was done by Blogadda. The book beautifully captures the lives of the 5 characters with different perspectives in each story.

Six Degrees Game of Blogs contains 422 pages and is priced at 349 INR.

The five characters around whom this book revolves are:

Shekhar dutta – He is a stay at home dad who is a freelance writer and stays in Mumbai.

Tara Dutta – She is Shekhar Dutta’s wife who is a media professional.

Roohi Dutta – She is Shekhar and Tara’s 9 years old daughter.

Jennifer Joseph – A christian photographer who stays in Kochi.

Cyrus Daruwala – A law student staying in Delhi.

Specific character traits of each character are given in terms of height , health or any particular character trait.

So there are three stories written by 3 teams:

  1. The awakening – The story is about a family of Shekhar, Tara and Roohi. Their lives become complicated when their family friend Cyrus and Shekhar’s friend Jennifer arrive. The story is full of twist and turns with turning into a complete mystery which unfolds at the end. The climax is well written and gripping. It is a good short story for a quick entertaining read.
  2. Entangled lives – This is the most entertaining story out of the three with a murder involved! Cyrus and Jennifer are caught in the tangle as suspected culprits. has one of them murdered? Or they are innocent? The character of the inspector assigned to the case is very interesting. He is corrupt but at the same time has a character which is likable. The story solves the murder mystery at the end with the lives of the characters untangled after a inspection full of surprises.
  3. Missing–  I loved reading this story as there is a missing person involved. Roohi is missing. Shekhar and Tara are worried. As the title suggests, this story is about something missing or rather someone missing. The truth comes out at the end with excellent narration. The story is dramatic and the characters add to the drama. The authors have created a wonderful thread of sequences which make this story such a joy to read.

Being an avid reader, i can vouch for the fact that i haven’t come across this style of writing before. Same characters with different stories made me realise  how different perceptions take our lives into different directions. A must read book in my opinion. The three short stories don’t take much of your time but still teach you a thing or two about life.

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  1. Anmol Rawat

    Thank you for this review. I’m really glad you liked reading the story. Being a part of team ‘By Lines’ (The Awakening), it really made my day. 🙂

    1. mily

      Hi guys did a great job!

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