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Book Review : Age of Azmoq The Valantian Imperium by Rajamayyoor Sharma

If you ask me my favorite genre in books, it has to be either mytho-fantasy or motivational. I have loved reading Amish Tripathi’s Shiva trilogy and God is a gamer and when this book titled “Age of Azmoq: The Valantian Imperium” came to me for review, I was so excited to begin reading it as it is also a fantasy novel with rich characters and an engrossing plot. I have already reviewed many books on the blog and this is another addition to those reviews.

Book review: Age of Azmoq book 1: The Valentian Imperium:

This is the first part of the “Age of Azmoq” fantasy series and is titled “The Valentian Imperium”. The book has 397 pages in total and is divided into seven sections with each section covering a few chapters. The chapters are short and easy to read. The language of the book is very intriguing and keeps the readers engrossed in the book all throughout the read.

Age of Azmoq

The story revolves around a precious metal named Azmoq which is very rare and powerful. This metal is controlled by the Valentian Imperium based in Valencia but there are many powerful forces which are trying to get their hands on this powerful metal.

Ramayyoor Sharma effortlessly introduces each of the characters and the protagonists in a beautiful way laced with humor and detail. It begins a little slowly but the book gains momentum quickly and dives straight into the story. The story is based in a fantasy land but the characters of the book will remind you of the real world where tales of love, power, friendship, and honesty are found in all corners. The names of the characters are also very relatable and modern. 

I really like how Rajamayyoor Sharma has added little notes at the base of the pages to explain some of the more technical occurrences throughout the book. The writing is simple yet delivers the message efficiently without confusing the readers. The book does contain some illustrations also but they are not very significant to the story. 

Overall, the story is very gripping and provides the readers with an enchanting experience of a parallel world. I enjoyed the subtle portrayal of the characters and how the mighty powers try to crush the common people but fail in front of their might. It could have been edited a bit more tightly as the book seems too long at some points but it gains pace again with the twists in the story. The characters and the plot thickens as you read and i even identified with some sub-plots in the movie as they are very relatable to real life.

You should give this book a read if you are into gripping fantasy novels which help you take a break from the real world and give you a chance to experience a parallel world.

Pages: 392

Price: 499 INR

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