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Want to Meet Dhoni With Your Yaars? #No1Yaari

Are you a huge Dhoni Fan? Or a yaaron ka yaar? Celebrating friendship and Yaari, McDowell’s No1 Soda have come up with a unique contest wherein you can meet Dhoni with your friends if you win. All you need to do is comment with the #No1Yaari on the FB video and tag 2 friends with whom you want to meet the cricket legend that is Dhoni.



This contest revolves around brotherhood and Asli yaari. The video celebrates friendship of Dhoni with his 2 asli yaars who have been through each other in thick and thin of their lives.  The film shows the asli yaari of Dhoni with his 2 real yaars with their real life story of friendship being the main essence of the film.  This short film is heartwarming with Mohit Chauhan’s background music. 3 real life friends and their real life story which is the main idea behind this emotional short film is what makes it special. The video shows us that friendship is just not about the good times but about being together during hardships also. How Dhoni and his asli yaars grew up together in Ranchi playing gully cricket is touching. It is a real account of how the three of them celebrated each big and small victory in their lives and supported each other in rough instances. Asli yaari is the best word to describe this bond of Dhoni with his friends while growing up. They may not meet that often due to their busy schedules but are always available for each other. The best type of friendship is where the success or failure does not affect the relationship friends share! His friends fondly remember Dhoni ki #No1Yaari and how their friendship has not changed even after Dhoni becoming as successful as he is today.

No1 Yaari Campaign  is celebrating this bond between friends by making it possible for you to meet MS Dhoni with your 2 best friends. Watch this video and comment and tag your friends to win this once in a lifetime opportunity.

So what are you waiting for? Just comment on the FB video and take your friends to meet MS Dhoni who is the idol of many ardent cricket fans and youngsters. This will be the best friendship gift from you to your asli yaars!


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