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How and why you should use personal lubricant?

Many women in India suffer because of unsatisfactory sex lives. While the reasons can be many, one of the most common reasons for unsatisfactory sex is lack of lubrication. The friction causes pain for many women and that is why they refrain from having sex. A personal lubricant not only improves your sex life but also prevents any dryness that might be the culprit behind your unsatisfactory sex life. Lack of moisture and dryness are one of the main reasons women abstain from sex and the lubricant gives a moist feeling to the vagina which helps smoothen the sex.

There are many types of personal lubricants available in the market and you can choose the one as per your likings. You can choose from gels, creams, and oils for enhancing your bedroom experiences. Look out for hypoallergenic creams to avoid any itchiness or allergies in your private parts. These lubricants come in a variety of scents and flavours for making your sex life romantic and exciting.


Using a personal lubricant also increases the effectiveness of the condom without compromising on your experience and fun. It also reduces the chances of condom breakage which can lead to unwanted pregnancies and increase the chances of sexually transmitted diseases. If you indulge into anal sex, keep in mind that the right lubricant is the key to a great sexual experience. Using a condom is a must for anal sex as it can lead to many diseases and infections otherwise. Condom and lube ease the pain and transport you into a world of erotic experiences.

A lubricant is not just fun for woman. It also helps the guy to be more comfortable and reduces any chances of frictional injuries. If you want to get your partner into the mood, massaging oils do wonders to the libido and get you both in an intimate mood. Plan an intimate massage session with warming oils and arousal gels for the best sexual experience.


Another great reason to use a personal lube is that it adds an erotic fragrance to the atmosphere and soothes the bodies for an unforgettable experience. Flavours like Pina Colada and Strawberry will spice things up and bring an interesting twist to your bedroom adventures.

If you are looking for ways to include a lubricant in your life, try using it just a bit before sex for that fluidity and moisture. It will make things easy and give you pleasure. You can also use oils for body massages and genital massages for an enhanced sexual experience. Do not go overboard with the lube as things will turn messy.

So this is all about using a personal lubricant which will not only enhance your sexual life but also keep you healthy and clean down there.


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