Top 10 Body Scrubs Available In India

Do you love using body scrubs in the shower? They moisturize the skin and exfoliate it in one go so I love them for when I have the time to have a long bath. There are many body scrubs available in India but I prefer the ones which have soothing ingredients. I have compiled a list of scrubs which i have used and loved. They are fresh and nourishing and keep the skin smelling…

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My skincare Routine : Products + Reviews

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My skincare routine is very haphazard. It is not something i follow religiously from start to finish every night. I use whichever product i feel like using that day but these products are something which are a staple in my stash. My skin is behaving great these days due to continuous use of these products so i felt like sharing it with you all. As you already know, i focus more on skincare than…

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With the world getting busier and hotter every day, i consider online shopping to be a boon for people like me who work 5 days a week and are too tired to go outside on weekends due to this heat. My pet peeve with shopping makeup online is that the really good brands available abroad are not available online or are being sold at an exorbitant prices. is an exception though!   With…

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