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How to Vacation with Your Dog at Your Side?

There is nothing better than taking your best canine buddy on vacation with you. You will find that you enjoy your vacation so much more as you can watch them experience different smells and have small adventures alongside sharing your large vacation adventure together.

However, before you just book a trip with the mind of jetting off to some far horizon with your dog, you should take a few things into consideration.

#1 Plan your trip

You shall need to plan your trips and your days out with a lot more caution. Not every vacation destination welcomes canine holidaymakers, so it is necessary to seek out the few that do. This, of course, extends to amusements and tourist attractions as well.

With only a limited number of these places accepting dogs, you may find that you have to make your own amusements, as you will not be able to leave your dog alone in a hotel room or holiday let.

Getting to your destination may also prove to be tricky, and you may have to resort to using pet transport for your canine’s traveling arrangements. Shipping brokers such as Shiply do actually cater to pet transportation and may be able to help you with this task.

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#2 Be aware of laws and regulations 

You should also make yourself aware of laws and regulations surrounding dogs and where they can and cannot go, as well as when they have to be kept on the lead.

You will also have to make sure that your dog has had all of his vaccinations and is ready to travel to the destination that you are planning on taking him.

Some countries will require a quarantine period, so if you are looking to have a week or two’s vacation, it may not be practical to take your dog to this particular destination.

#3 Choose weather-friendly environments

You should also keep in mind that your dog – regardless of breed (except the hairless varieties) has a thick fur coat; hot temperatures may not be suitable for your dog to experience, especially if he has not been used to it.

This also tends to go for snowy, icy countries – if your dog is used to warm climates, it could be a shock rather than an experience for him to encounter this. 

Keeping your dog comfortable will undoubtedly require constant monitoring, plenty of water for hydration in the warmer weather, and the ability to rest in shady areas will help. In comparison, purpose-made coats will be required in colder climates.

#4 Get insurance

You should, of course, invest in some quality insurance that will not only cover the eventuality of your dog biting somebody – but also help with vet bills should your dog fall ill while you are away and require treatment or overnight observation from a veterinary expert.

It can be horrendous to see your canine friend suffering pain or injury, and having to weigh up his health over your finances is an impossible place to put yourself in. 

#5 What you will need to take with you for your dog

When you are vacationing with your canine friend, you will find that he, too, needs to pack a suitcase of some description. Although some items can be made from other ad-hoc items, such as food and water bowls, can be old containers, there will be other items that will have to be his.

For instance, he will no doubt want his favorite toy to come along and join in the fun. 

You will very quickly find that few doggy-friendly places provide dog beds (or at least one that he will be happy to use), so you may find that taking something that smells of home for him to sleep on will help him to settle in at night.

This being said, you should also cater for all weather or the inevitable patch of water, such as muddy puddles, and take his doggy towels (and his shampoo too).

With this, he will undoubtedly require his brush and comb, and if he has long hair, his scissors or clipper to deal with mats, debris, or whatever else he decides to investigate that is not easily shed from his fur. 

In order to help him enjoy his vacation to the fullest, you will also have to pack his favorite treats, as these could help should he get so excited with his surroundings that he forgets his manners or at least can be called to heel.

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So, to wrap it all up

None of these points above should put you off from traveling with your dog. However, you should most certainly do your research before booking and paying out for a vacation.

If all of this sounds a bit daunting, then perhaps for your first few vacations together, you should book somewhere within a day’s drive of your home. This will still bring new experiences to your dog, and you will also be able to relish the excitement and joy that your dog will undoubtedly show.

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