Top 5 Pieces to Wear at Your Sister’s Wedding

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Little envies, loads of joys and bountiful memories, you share the most treasured bond with your sister. She has finally decided to take the plunge, and as her companion and confidant, you are bubbling with excitement. It’s time to celebrate. The wedding bells are finally ringing for your dear sis. While the beaming bride has many sartorial choices to make, you too are under the strict surveillance of the fashion police, and why not,…

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Diwali Look Ft. Deepika Designs!

I love  Jhumkas! Period. If somebody asks me that what is the most elegant thing about weddings or festivals i would always say it is the jewellery. I love jhumkas, Maang teekas, Anklets and bangles. I am not a big fan of neck pieces. So when Deepika from Deepika Designs approached me for a review of her jewellery line, Mann me ladooo phoota! The jewellery came wrapped ina  hand crafted box with a personalized…

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