All the eyeliners I own-Swatches & Reviews

Today is again a "All i own" series with swatches and reviews of all the eyeliners that i have. The first in this series was about all the lipsticks i own which you can read here. These are all the eyeliners that i have. The next in the series would be my eyeshadows :D. I do a series like this with all my products beacuae: 1) you get a better idea of which eyeliners…

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Revlon colorstay one stroke eyeliner in Glazed green-Review, swatch, Dupe

These used to be one of my favorite eyeliners till i discovered their exact dupes. Revlon colorstay eyeliner in glazed green is described as a glitter green. It looks gorgeous on the eyes and specially if you love rich royal greens then this is perfect. The texture is extremely smooth and soft. It delivers the perfect opaque colour in one single swipe. The staying power is incredible and it stays on my oily lids…

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