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Wedding Vs. Marriage – Do you want the Wedding or the Marriage?

When i see girls today lusting after diamonds and lehengas and attention without knowing what lies beyond that, i feel sad for the two people involved. I mean it is not like that i am not the girl of today but i was kind of born in the wrong generation. I give more importance to the marriage and my priorities are focused more towards having a better married life than a lavish wedding.

First of all what is the difference between wedding and marriage?

Wedding is a one-two day affair where two people vow to spend the rest of their lives together and the ceremony for that promise is called a wedding. It is the day when all relatives, friends and acquaintances are invited to celebrate this union which is done by a priest or any other religious leader.

Marriage is what comes after the wedding. It is the life long institution where two people who love each other live their lives together and be with each other in all joyful and difficult times. It is taking care of each other in sickness and in health and in good and bad times.

Every girl, since the time she understands the term wedding, dreams about how her wedding would be like. We create such a big illusion in our minds of the wedding that what lies after that is not important. Which lehenga would we wear, what the decor would be like, how our makeup would be…is what becomes more important than what do we need to learn to take better care of our partners in life or how understanding and accommodating we are.

wedding vs. marriage

I am not saying that wedding is not important. It is by all means. All i want to say is that we need to be equally aware of what lies beyond that one wedding day. There is more to look forward to this part of your life than just a designer lehenga or makeup. As far as i was concerned, i was way more excited for the “living together with my husband after wedding part” and “creating a new home together” than the wedding itself. This excitement should be felt by every girl before she decided to get married. And if the excitement level for marriage is more than the wedding, then by all means go all out on the wedding. Buy your favorite lehenga, get the decor and makeup you want and spend all you want to. But when it the other way round, just think once again that do you want the wedding or the marriage! It is very difficult and painful to think about it afterwords.

*From a happily married girl”

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    Wow, what a topic to blog.. Love you mily.. :* very well expressed feeling in the best way possible.. You made my day today.. Thanks

    1. mily

      Aww made my day! love you too 🙂

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